Crohns Disease Support Groups Keep You From Feeling So Alone.

Crohns Disease support groups are so important for those suffering from this painful condition. It is so easy to feel all alone when you are hurting or depressed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Having support groups can make such a difference for you. There are so many benefits to having other people to talk to about this disease and how it is affecting your life. Why not let them help?

You will need the help of family and friends. They know you and accept you. And they will listen when you need to talk. That is so important.

You can also talk with other people who have Crohns Disease. It might seem strange asking strangers for help in dealing with your disease, but don't forget, these people are going through a lot of the same things you are. Their support can be important.

You can join message boards and chats. In a way, it’s like having 24-hour road service when your car’s not working right. If you are on the side of the road with car problems, it can be such a wonderful feeling when someone, even if you don’t know them, can help. They know what you are going through. That's what you have with the message boards and chat rooms. You will find compassionate people who want to help.

Because they are going through the same things you are, you don’t have to be embarrassed to talk about anything. They know, they understand. You can’t imagine all the goodwill you will find. And they can boost you up when you are feeling depressed. They will encourage you. And you will be reassured.

But here's the other side of the coin -- they get to vent too. So if you don't want to hear anything negative, don't go to the message boards.

If you decide you want to check out some of the message boards, here are three message boards you can look in on and then join and participate if you want to. Get support from:

Crohn's Zone

Sunshine Sanity Crohn's Forum

CROHN'S/IBD Message Board & Chat

There is a national foundation for Crohns Disease (and Ulcerative Colitis).

They have many chapters throughout the United States. If there is a chapter near you, you might want to join and go to some of their meetings. Here's a link:

Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America

If you are taking a lot of different medications, this service might be very important to you!

Let's say something has happened where you are taken to an emergency center and you are unconsious. How are the doctors going to know what medications you are taking? Is there something simple that can do your talking for you?

Yes! A MedicAlert bracelet is the simple solution. Here's what MedicAlert does for you:

"MedicAlert® protects and save lives by providing identification and medical information in emergencies. It is the original nonprofit emergency medical information service, founded by a physician in 1956."

There is an annual fee of $35 the first year and $20 every year after that. It's free if you are indigent. But think how this one service can give you great peace of mind.

To learn more, click here.

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