Fish Oil for Crohns Disease

Recent research shows the positive effects of fish oil for Crohns Disease, which acts as a natural anti inflammatory in addition to providing numerous other health benefits.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, fish oil was shown to be effective in reducing the rate of relapses in Crohns patients. Over twice the number of patients given fish oil remained in remission after one year compared to the placebo group.

Providing even more evidence of a positive relationship between Crohns Disease and fish oil is a more recent study performed by British researchers at the Institute of Human Nutrition at England's University of Southampton.

Their research concluded that the essential fatty acids found in fish oil, namely EPA and DHA, could help reduce inflammation in Crohns patients.

There has been so much positive research on fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids that none other than the FDA has recommended incorporating it into our diets.

Although you can get essential omega 3 fatty acids from eating cold water fish such as salmon and cod, due to poor manufacturing and handling practices many of the nutrients in these fish are depleted by the time they arrive at market.

That's why a high quality fish oil supplement might be a better option, as you can be sure you are getting the essential Omega 3 fatty acids in their purest form.

Taking fish oil for Crohns Disease might be a safer option than anti-inflammatory drugs, as oftentimes there are serious side effects to contend with. Many patients are opting for natural solutions for this reason.

If you are interested in trying a high quality fish oil, one of the best ones we've come across is called Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil which contains the highest concentrations of EPA and DHA, the two essential fatty acids that researchers believe are responsible for the anti-inflammatory capability of fish oil.

In addition to reducing inflammation, fish oil provides numerous health benefits for the cardiovascular system, the brain and overall health. It can also treat the symptoms of arthritis, a condition which many Crohns patients develop over time.

Although a positive link between fish oil and Crohns Disease has been established, more research needs to be conducted to provide definitive proof of its benefits. As such, you should consult your physician or other qualified medical professional before taking fish oil or any supplement to treat your condition.

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