This FREE journal can help you in three areas of your life.

Having Crohn's Disease is not easy. You need to use every tool and resource at your disposal.

Let's get right to it. The first area we'll talk about is your Crohn's Disease diet. This journal will help you figure out what your own personal dietary laws are. One of the tougher aspects of Crohn's Disease is knowing, or better yet, not knowing which foods cause you pain and cramping and which one's do.

The problem with diet in Crohn's Disease is that a food one person tolerates easily is a food that causes another person pain and discomfort. How's a person to figure it all out?

The key is have a simple system. Simplicity has been a major consideration from the beginning in creating this journal. You'll record what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You'll also record the pain you might feel after eating and you'll even be able to record the amount of pain you are feeling. And finally, you'll record when you felt the pain during the day.

You will look for patterns. For certain foods might show up consistantly before pain and discomfort. That is a major clue.

There has to be a pattern! If there is no pattern, there is a good chance that the pain is from the disease and has nothing to do with what you eat. That happens.

But when you discover a pattern, work that pattern into your personal dietary laws. Eliminate the food causing you problems.

This journal will help you with a second problem. Your memory. You can't trust it. When you realize there is something you should talk to your doctor or GI about on the next appointment, write it down. Again... Don't trust your memory.

A third area of help is helping you decide what to do about the stressors in your life. Again, don't trust your memory. If something is causing you stress in your life, record it. Then go onto a Crohn's message board and ask others what do they do in a situation like yours. Just venting can help. And who knows, someone might have gone through the same thing and have come up with a solution.

Don't hesitate, ask others what they think. You might not get an answer, but every time you get an answer, you are that much further ahead. Need a listing of some message boards? Click here, and scroll down the page.

The final part of the journal is a few pages of quotes from famous people on health, attitude, courage and more. You never know when a good idea will strike you and raise you up to another level.

Important: there is only seven pages in the diet diary section. But you can print those pages as many times as you want for each and every day you want to track what you eat. You also would do the same for the Doctor and medication section.

Ok. Ok. I know. You want to download the journal. I understand. (You will need Acrobat Reader to read the journal. If you do not have it, you can download it for free by clicking here.)

If you want to read the journal before downloading it, left click on the following link. If you want to go ahead and download it now,

To save the journal to your computer, right click. To just read it, left click.

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