Here you will have over 40 people help you to understand how to cope with Crohns Disease.

They answered the following question on a survey: What have you done to help you cope with the disease?

If you are newly diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, wouldn't it be valuable if you could ask 43 people how they cope with Crohns? Of course it would. And that's what you get here.

A few of the the people said they were new enough that they couldn't answer that question. But many of the participants did answer.

Let's get started:

Here's what they said when asked, "What have you done to help you cope with the disease?"

"I've only been diagnosed about 2 years. For the last 6 months everything was great and then BAMB all heck broke loose. Abdominal spasms so severe I felt like I was giving birth again. These spasms last 6 to 8 hours generally. I have started really watching what I eat. Dairy products kill me and any type of beef. No more shakes and burgers! I'm using trial and error to determine what hurts and what doesn't."

"Keep up with my medication, and stay away from the foods that can give me a flare-up."

"After a 13 hour day at work, I make sure I have at least an hour to relax on my couch and watch tv."

"Listen to your body; it does give off signs as to what your body accepts food wise and what it disagrees with. Limit stress, get plenty of sleep. Drink wheat grass and find out about alternative therapy don't just accept the steroid route! Learn as much as possible about Crohns."

"Surround myself with good people."

"I have taken a very proactive role in the nutrition aspect of it. I have eliminated certain foods from my diet that cause flare-ups, and have found ways to ensure proper nutrition through supplements and nutritional drinks."

"I try not to let it get me down, I try to stay upbeat, and yes I tell potty jokes, we have a joke in our house that when I go into the restroom they will see me in 30 minutes, a sense of humor is a must."

"Pray, take medicine, Remicade, and live a normal life just like everyone else."

"Started drug therapy and began learning more about the disease to teach my friends and family as well as myself."

"Taken my pills religiously, read, read, and read some more on anything I can get my hands on about my illness."

"I've made a conscious effort to reduce the stress in my life and to learn to say ""no"" when I don't want to do something. Additionally, I've been eating smaller, more digestible portions of food at a time, and have cut back my alcohol consumption to an occasional glass of wine."

"I try not to let stress overcome my life by letting people know I can not be around them if they choose to add stress on to my daily life. Learning what personal limitations are and how to maintain those limitations is important. Also I have been learning that my body does not do well with western meds and that natural herbs are best for me."

"I have accepted that I have the disease and that I will always have it. I have joined support groups and made some friends with the disease to talk to. Support is the key!"

"Lived my life for my children which when I was diagnosed with the disease they told me we would have none. I have 4."

"Experimenting with diet to find out what's best for my body, trying to reduce stress, joined an online support group."

"Plan, plan, plan everything. This makes life less stressful. I do some things spare of the moment and things do go wrong, but if I have a plan I can deal with these little surprises better without getting too stressed out."

"I have researched a lot of information and purchased a lot of books. I joined support groups (CCFA and Remicare). I have also just begun seeing a nutritionist and trying to use yoga, pilates, and relaxation for healing."

"Medication, changed my diet, yoga, learned to reduce stress and take one day at the time."

"Built a support network of friends... and kept good insurance."

"Changed how I eat. Much more focused on nutrition."

"Take medication and pray."

"I have done a lot of studying, a lot of questioning, and a lot of trial and error to find what is effective and what isn’t with my body. Eating habits have had to change, stress reduction is a big plus and having supportive friends and family makes a big difference. Above all I have no self pity, this is who I am."

"Try to take one day at a time, one step at a time. Eliminated as much unnecessary stress in my life as possible."

"Find out as much information as humanly possible. Take time to relax."

"I have tried acupuncture, watched my diet, have given up sugar and yeast plus other foods, joined support groups which help to deal with stress, started a good news journal."

"Looking to sites like Healingwell and others, also to local support groups to learn more and meet others who can relate."

"Talking to friends, spending time with family."

"Tried to change diet, and take medications."

"Changed my diet, no more popcorn and corn and raw vegs."

"Having a supportive and loving husband. I also read a lot about it. Also finding the right doctor."

"Joined support groups... brought family closer to me, quit a stressful job and got a less stressful one. Allowed people to do things for me."

"Physical exercise, learning, growing, getting and giving support."

"Know the signs my body tells me, listen to them and try to take care of my physical and mental needs."

"I live my life day to day and try not to worry how bad it may get. I was diagnosed after 4 abscesses perforated in my terminal ileum so I don’t think anything will ever be as bad as that cos the docs now know what’s wrong with me."

"Checked out the internet for message boards and other helpful info."

"My son is my strength, I almost died having him. Intestines burst."

Diet, yoga, meaditation, therapy.

"Learn to handle the stress. Well as good as possible considering I have a chronic disease."

"Posted on newsgroups with people who suffer from the same illness."


"Continue to follow all orders and advice from my doctor and make smart decisions in the food selection process."

"Staying informed and helping others stay informed through forums."

"I go to a crohns board and hang out reading others posts and seeing that I am not alone in how I feel."

"met friends and kept in close contact with my docs."


"try to accept it and teach other around me about the problems and depression. It is so unreal sometimes. Watch what I eat, stress."

"Got on the internet and talked with my family doctor. Gastroman only said I had it, gave me pills and see you in six months. He gave no info as to what it was or what I had to do with already having the other problems. Knowledge is power and the doctor didn't give any. With already working to keep above my other problems, it really put the fear of God in me knowing nothing."

"I watch what I eat, and try to keep stress low."

"tried to carry on as normal."

"I sleep about 13 hours a day, if I don't, I am a mess."

"I have learned to rest when I need it (most of the time), be careful what I eat (most of the time), take meds as prescribed... and be an active participant in my treatment (finding a good doc, communicating with doc, etc)."

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