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What food best to eat

Hi I'm needing better diet as everything I eat bloated me out or goes straight through me?!

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This works for me

I've had crohns for more than 40 years with increasingly long attacks in the last 3 years due to multiple abdominal surgeries causing adhesions. A crohns

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Need to be completely healed

I have chrons disease can radiation therapy help me put chrons in remission

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Colostomy and urostomy and kidney disease and psoriasis

how to better cope. every morning I wake up thankful to be alive. Until the reality sets in that I have limitations. Then the cramps and general unwell

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Crohn's Disease Protocol Recommendation

I have recently been called into the doctors, they told me yesterday that I would be having an emergency procedure in two days time. The doctors have told

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I have terminal ileum crohns and I am using sulfalazine due to costs. Anyone tried this with my disease location?

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What are the Signs of Crohn's Disease To Look Out For?

We look at the signs of Crohn's Disease so you can determine whether or not you are affected by this irritable bowel disorder.

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Puberty with crohns

hi I'm 13 nearly 14 in year 9 at school, I am smallest of my friends and everyone else is a lot taller than me. My mom is only 5 2 and dad 5 10, but my

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Attempting to Conceive with Crohn's disease

Hello, I have been a patient of Crohn's disease for past 8 yrs now. I am stable by taking Budez CR (3 to 9 mg) depending on the remission status and relapse

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Hunger pains

My son is on day 3 of modulen. He is really struggling with hunger pains. He's only been diagnosed with crohns disease a week ago. He's 13 years old and

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Your Crohn's Stories For 2016

Our 2016 Crohn's Disease stories from visitors and guests sharing their experiences and thoughts about this horrible affliction.

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Looking for expierenced crohns support to talk to

Hello, My wife has crohns and she needs to talk to someone other than me that has some expierence with it. How do i go about getting her in touch with

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Can Hernia Mesh cause chrons disease ?

Ian hari aged 32 diagonised as chrons in 2008 . Have taken allopathic, ayurveda,homeopathy treatments. My symptoms started after bilateral hernia surgery

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Just diagnosed with chrons disease

I was just diagnosed with this horrible disease and put on prednisone and pentasa and so far it's helping although the pentasa is huge pills and I have

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financial assistance for crohns disease supplies

Is there any organization who will help with hospital, ostomy supplies and meds. My daughter struggles and I help as much as I can but assistance would

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