Here are some stress strategies to help you reduce your stress.

Crohn's Disease causes stress. It's important for you to have strategies to help you reduce your stress. That's what you'll find on this page.

Let's begin.

First things first. Get a small notebook that fits in a man's shirt pocket and a woman's purse. When you feel some stress, simply ask yourself what is causing it? Got your answer? Write it in your notebook. Here's why, you can't trust your memory when you're ready to develop a strategy to deal with it.

Reduce your stress
by simplifying your life!

Here are some general life strategies you can use:
* When you start to feel overwhelmed, you can look in your little notebook, and decide to eliminate one or more of the less important items that is causing you stress. You have no choice on the more consequential ones. But emiminating some, making room for others is an important strategy. You also have to be on the lookout for early warning signs that you are becoming overstressed. Don't kid yourself.

* Are there certain people who are causing you a lot of stress? The power of influence from others must be a major concern for you. Can you stop seeing someone who agitates you? No. Can you at least reduce the amount of time you spend with them?

* Learn to say "NO" more often. No is a very powerful word. You can be polite when you tell someone "no", but to help you cope with your disease, this can be a very important strategy. Do not overload yourself. That causes stress. Learn to say "no".

* From the notebook you are keeping on the food you eat, if you find something that causes you pain, eliminate it. You have to form Your Own Personal Dietary Laws. You'll find more information on the Diet and Nutrition page.

* Reduce your stress by developing support groups. These include family, friends, co-workers, and message boards and chat rooms of people who also have Crohns Disease. You'll find a listing on the Support Groups page.

* Work on those things that give you more energy and reduce the fatigue you feel. You'll find a listing of things you can do on the page titled Crohn's & Fatigue. . The page titled Crohn's & Relaxation will also help in this regard.

Recommended Reading:

Why Make Yourself Crazy? I love this book. It gives easy tips you can implement to reduce your stress. I started with one tip and then the next, and the next and the next. It works.

300 Stress Tips! Click Here.

To go from this reduce your stress page to the Crohn's & Stress page, click here.

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