I have terminal ileum crohns and I am using sulfalazine due to costs. Anyone tried this with my disease location?

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Re: terminal ileum crohns
by: Kit Campbell

With respect, there is no such thing, or diagnosis - 'terminal ileum crohns'.
You have ulceration activity in your ileum, also termed as ileitis, but they are linking it to the 'Crohn's' diagnosis, yet again, another word.

All gastrointestinal issues can be changed, and swiftly too. You must look to the environments that have caused the activity of fungus in the area in the first place. Yes, I said fungus.

With regards to Sulfalazine, or Sulfalsalazine, the consequences of this chemical compound are beyond comprehension.

After 40 years of suffering at the hands of the medical machine, loss of right ascending colon, bowel resections etc., etc., the sulfalsalazine caused damage to my kidneys leaving me with a reduced kidney function. Thanks for that! :(

All medication - containing chemicals, will have an effect on the living system.

They, the medical industry, started out using natural remedies years ago. This all changed because money could not be made in this way and therefore control was needed and 'bodies' such as the FDA and the like were created. Good old Rockerfellas!

Look to what happened before you got the symptoms. What was going on for you?
Were you suffering a high level of stress, loss, anxiety, anger, depression, for a prolonged period of time? Or an acute episode of stress, shock.
Have you been on antibiotics in the past?
Do you consume any sugar or grain in your diet?
Have you had any drugs prescribed to you? (medicine)
What is your job and what is it like working there?

There are so many questions you could ask yourself BEFORE going ahead and trusting the chemicals.

You do not have a terminal disease!
Any situation left and not treated or worked on, will of course get worse and cause serious problems, and you get threatened with - 'oh your bowel could perforate if you don't have an operation now!' - that was said to me a few times. And at 14 years of age, you kind of do what you're told. A bit :)

But now, I'm going to turn 60 soon!
I ended all my 'Crohn's' diagnosis in 2000 and during a bleeding attack and in only 7 days.

If this can happen for me, this is also possible for you too :)

I wish you all the best for your journey. I hope it becomes a healthier one :)

Warmest regards


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