Hunger pains

by Tina
(Cheltenham uk)

My son is on day 3 of modulen. He is really struggling with hunger pains. He's only been diagnosed with crohns disease a week ago. He's 13 years old and really struggling with the hunger pains. Any suggestions would be appreciated as really want to help him.

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hunger pains
by: Anonymous

My name is Dr. David LaRocco I am a chiropractor in New York that has healed himself of Crohn's when I was 31, eleven years ago. I went through the same hunger pains, your son needs to detox and cleanse his body and the first four days are rough, especially if he was eating a lot of sugars and processed foods. What I would be focusing on is Aloe Vera and designs for health protein powder which is loaded with protein. No dairy or soy in it as that can and will aggravate the condition. He needs the right nutrition to rebuild his intestines. Start with this and plenty of water.

hunger pains
by: Anonymous

Not sure what this drug is? Couldn't find it online. However, when I couldn't eat much I chose chocolate Ensure that I selected to be low in sugar (5%). Most have much more than that, It was my go to food for a while. Good luck! Support groups (in your area) help a lot.

Diagnosis - Just a name for symptoms
by: Kit Campbell

Just that.
I would ask what was going on prior to any symptoms that you son was experiencing.
Was there any 'stress' at school/home? Was there a family tragedy or did he experience any loss or fear of a situation? Did he have to take any antibiotics a few months before symptoms, or any other pharmaceutical drugs?
Do you or have you ever suffered with thrush?
Does your son have a white coating on his tongue?
If he does, it may be that the Candida Albicans in its yeast form in his gut, has changed into its second state - Candida Albicans Fungus.
If you want to investigate the behavior of the fungus, feel free to contact me at
All the best with your journey.

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