Your Crohn's Disease Stories: September - December 2009

Following you will find stories contributed by our wonderful visitors in the later part of 2009. Please read through them...they can be very helpful to those suffering from Crohn's Disease or if you know someone who has Crohn's.

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September 2009

"When I was in my second year of university I started going to the bathroom all the time and lost a ton of weight. During my third year I underwent a bunch of tests like a barium enema and colonscopy with nothing. Eventually my doctors were pretty much telling me it was in my head. By my fourth year I could not eat without being in so much pain and I had blood in my stool all the time.

My parents took me to the hospital finally and tehy did a cat scan which diagnosed me with crohns disease. I was 22 years old. Within a few months they had to remove the diseased section and for three years I had no symptoms. Then the pain and cramping came back with a whole new twist - I had something called a fistula. That was when I was 25 and since my first fistula I have had them over and over again. My GI who is great tried me on every medication but none of them worked. When I was 28 I had four fistulas at once and kept getting extremely painful abscesses.

They tried draining them and they even tried to like tye them off with these things called ctons but none of that worked. I had to eventually break down and agree to a ostomy bag which was pretty much my biggest fear but there was no other choice i was so skinny couldnt keep food down and was in the hospital more then i was out.

I got the surgery and for a year I was symptom free and then just recently the fistulas and abscesses came back and I have been hospitalized three times since March of this year. I am not even 30 years old and I just dont know what to do anymore. I will continue to fight because it is all I can do and it helps to read about others who are going thru it as well. I mean more often then not this disease makes you feel like you are alone.

My family is so amazing and supportive and I know it has been hell for them too but I still feel like I am fighting this battle alone. I hope that I can someday say I won.

I would say you have already won. :)

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