Your Crohn's Stories: July '08 - September '08

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September 2008

"Thank you for putting together such an informative website. I don't have health insurance; so I am not under a doctor's care (I cannot affort it). I've had surgery and although my symptoms are less violent, I still have pain and diarrhea. I have a few questions. What are some natural or OTC suppliments I can consider to help relieve the symptoms?

Are there any studies or groups that can offer help to me for little or not cost? Does anyone know of any help I can get in Mexico where I would be able to pay less for help and meds? Any suggestions? I'm hurting so bad that I feel like I'm going to die and there's no where to turn. I don't qualify for Medicade, I'm too young for social security, I was turned down disability, yet I cannot work (I cannot believe I was turned away. Because I cannot work I cannot obtain or afford medical insurance or medical care (My saving is just about gone so I don't know what I will do when I sell everthing I own to live and have nothing left).

My cramping is so intense and my bowel movements are at the very minimum at 25 - 30 per day. I have insomnia and cannot sleep. I have no energy, I'm tired yet I cannot sleep at night. My joints ache to high heaven and I'm out of breath all of the time (I can't even walk from my house to the end of my driveway without running out of breath). I also have brittle bones (I've broken several in the past few years - thank God I haven't broken any as of late - I'd have to set them myself and hope for the best). Please help, I'm at witts end and I don't know where to turn. I am tired and I don't have the strength or resources to fight with governmental agencies for benefits such social security disability. Thank you for listening!"

If anyone has some advice or can offer some help, please contact us and we will post or send your feedback.

August 2008

"Hello everybody! Mt name is Anna and i was recently diagnosed with crohn's disease in July 2008. I am 13 years old and I am from Birmingham Alabama. Anyway, all of my symptoms started in June 2008. I had severe stomach pain in my right lower side and lots of vomiting and diarrea. We called the doctor and they sent me to the hospital and gave me a CT scan. They said that I had swelling in my intestines and that my lymph nodes were swollen too. I was severely dehydrated so they let me spend that night in the hospital to rehydrate me.

Eventually I came out of this episode and then it started back in July. The pain started and i was throwing up a lot. We went to the doctor the next day and they said that they would try to admit me to the hospital in a few days. We went back home and then I started throwing up blood. They rushed me to the hospital and they ran lots of blood tests and another CT scan. the next day they gave me a colonoscopy and diagnosed me with crohns disease. At first, I took the news well, but after a while I started to really get depressed and sad about it. But you guys have to realize that God is with you and that He will never ever EVER leave you. Trust in Him and He will be your strength and you stronghold. Right now I am taking prenisone, sulfazalazine, and imuran. They sort of have been helping but not really. I am still in severe pain and i dont know what to do.

I have a doctors appointment later next week so he can help me in this pain. I just wanted to share my story with you guys and I wanted to tell you that God is there for you when you feel alone. HE ALWAYS WILL BE THERE!!!!! I am a strong Christian and I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am saved by Jesus' blood. He has saved me and He has helped me through this and I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT HE WILL HELP YOU!! I am praying for all of you guys. Just remember to trust in God!!" - Anna

Thank you Anna. We appreciate your support

"My name is Shawn and I was 24yrs old and had rectal bleeding and pain in my abdomine. The GI dr. that I was seeing said I had colitis and I took Predisone for a year. THen I got so bad that I could work so my sister gave me hooked me up with DR. Baker in tennessee for a second opinion so I went and he done the colonoscopy and seen Chrons was so bad that it ate my small intestine to peices.

I have had 19 surgeries and have a Ileostomy. I have problems with fistula around my stoma and tried Remicade for a while but it stopped working. They say some people grow a imunity to the med. I am 31yrs old and currently taking Humira and is great. I have worked off and on the entire time with the same company. MEDs I have taken are, Predisone imuran intacort Pentasa Remicade Humira flagyl I am sure they are more. Current problems are joint and muscle pain plus fatigue. I am going to see my GI doctor to see what he can do for that.

I couldnt have made it through it all without My Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST. Phil 4:13, I can do all things through Christ that strenghtens me.

I can go in more detail if you would like to EMail me at shutchison @"

Thanks for sharing Shawn. Keep your spirits up!

"I have a 60 years old sister,19 years ago she was diagnosed with crohn, it was hard for her and for allof her family to realize that she wa diagnosed wit a disease"

July 2008

"my husband has chron's disease and gets really sick is there any thing that I can do for him to make him feel better? I feel so bad that i don't know what to do for him when he gets sick do you have any suggestions? "

Take a look through the stories and posts, and also check out the forum. There is a lot of good information there.

"hi my name is carmen and i was diognosed with crohns in august 2007 when i was 20. the symptoms started not long after i turned 18 i had a constant pain in the stomach. i went to the doctor who told me that i must be pregnant which was a bit hard for someone who had not had sex. he then thort i had gall stones and got an ultra sound done. nothing showed up on that so he thort i was "attention seeking". a couple of months later i started vomiting alot and had really bad diohrear my stomach ache had gone from a constant pain to intence cramps i then went to see another doctor who decided to do a gastrosocpe he found many ulcers in my stomach and gave me treatment for them. I continued to go down hill so i went to yet another doctor by this stage i was only 40 kgs and couldn't get out of bed this doctor did some blood tests which came back with bad results i was then rushed to hospital in melbourne where i was diognosed. i started taking prednisolone and mercaptipurine and came good for a bit over a month but every time they tried to lower my dose of prednisolone my crohns would come back a little worse each time. my bowel then had a leek so they went in a month before my 21st birthday to cut the bad bit out they ended up cutting out more then intened and 2 days later the part they operated on burst it was the most horrible experience of all. i was then taken back to surgury and fixed up they fitted me with an illiostomy which im hoping to get removed in two weeks. not the best experience but i am lucky enough to have loving friends and family who are helping me through such a difficult time."

Thanks for sharing, Carmen.

" My son started showing symptoms when he was fifteen(2005). Severe abdominal pains and bowel problems. Loosing alot of weight. We live in a small town and any major hospitals are a hour away. Our family Dr. had a colonosopy done and nothing to be found. His Dr. said it was nerves or a virus. The symptoms would come and go in severity over the next two years. My son was trying to work full time doing manuel labor. Constantly tired and run down. I bought him meal replacements to keep him going when is appetiate was poor which was often. Last August(2007) I took my son back to see our family Dr. He was alarmed how thin he had gotten, pale, very sick looking. He contacted a gastro specialist in the city and arrangeed a appointment right away. Within a month they found that indeed he has crohn's. The Drs. said it was a mild case but needed to be under control. My son tried the milder meds but they did not work. At christmas he was put on a dose of predisonne for a month. That made all the diffence. The pain subsided alot and his appetiate came back. To day he is taking novo azathioprine and is doing better. Gaining weight but still having fatigue. "

We hope he continues to do well..

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