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November 2008

"I love reading all the stories, because now I know I'm not alone. I just wish there was a way to show the goverment that this is a disability. I was diagnose in 1980, had many years of pain then 1995 had surgery and 6 feet of bowel removed, I've been in remision since. I do have diariah every day but I've learn to cope with it, I am not try to loose some weight because I'm extremely overweight. Thanks for this forum it helps."

We're glad you like the site, Monique. Hopefully awareness will continue to increase regarding the seriousness of this condition.

October 2008

"Hi my name is Gemma, i was diagnoised with Chrons colitis feb 2007. At first i didnt realise the seriousness of the disease and suffered with the usual symptoms for about a year before diagnosis. I was put on prednislone and the stuff u put up the rear end which i really couldnt use. I kept having constant bowel movement and abdo pain but i still didnt realise what this was doing to my body.

Anyway the day came when i was in constant pain, urgent trips to the loo which including blood and mucus and total lack of energy. Went to see my doctor and he sent me straight to hospital, there i was thinking i'll take some tests and go home... i ended up staying thre for 2 weeks. was put on IV steriods and azaphorine, not much changed but i insisted i was fine to go home.

i had a great new years, got totally drunk, 1 month after im back in hospital only this time was really really bad. I literally couldn't move i looked anorexic, vomiting, body ache, u name it i had it. At that time i really wanted to die, i felt like i was dieing and i really wanted God to stop the pain.

For all of u out threre that have a supportive family network be very thankful because i dont, and found it even harder to deal with as i had no one to really help and care for me. This has been by far the most tramatising time of my life which i do not wish on anyone.

its now oct 2008 and im aged 20, i have a good job and have held it down for the past year dispite my frequent sick days. Im now on ramicade and azorphrine which i can well and truly say has been a miracle in my life. I have NO symptoms at present and am totally enjoyin my youth. i no that i will have a flare up eventually but as of now im taking everyday as it comes, living it as if its my last and thats what chrons suffers have to do to get by.

Have strength and stay strong xxx

Please contact me for any info or just for chat im particullary interested in talkibg to someone who has or has had a stoma fitted as this is what i am really dreding!

gemma_samuels at

Thank you Gemma...very inspirational!

"I have had crohns since 1992 and had many attacks i went on a antinflamitory food plan and had mimimal attacks its hard to stay on but iv'e learned that you can't do that because all the symtoms come back it's like trial and error i'm going back on the food plan to stay healthy and hopefully pain free unless you have this disease or any disease that causes this pain they don't understand i don't bless the stomach cramps we get on anybody i am doing a lot better these days and have not had an attack in about a year. I can simpathathis with anybody who has this disease."

Thank you for sharing.

"Hi, I would like to share my method of curing crohn's disease and peri anal disease and all the other intestine and bowel conditions. I use complete body reflexology with the natural diet of only raw fruit and salad vegetables. My last patient had the diseases for 11 years and had been diagnosed for 7 years. She is a 22 year old woman with a 2 year old child. It took only 2 hours to get rid of all pain and she was able to eat and use the toilet without pain. Three more hours treatment over the next two days and she was completely cured. A return visit after one week and I found no more problems at all. I hope this information helps. Best regards, George Gray."

Thank you George.

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