worried scared of another crohns attack

i was diagnosed with crohns diseaes last week was in the hospital for 3 days . it was painful i do not want to go through that again. now im just worrying when and how my next attack well come . i dont want one . are the attacks the same.. i had a nlocage they had to clear it was aweful . im afraid of it happening again. is there asny thing you can take that well help ... thnakyou.. how soon would i get another attack

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crohns NEW
by: dave

I haven't taken medication for over a year and I am fine

Fear of crohn's. NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with your Crohn's disease, it is a very painful condition and can completely disrupt your life at times. The problem with this disease is that it can become very aggressive and sometimes this occurs without warning. I can appreciate your fears, to end up in hospital three days and being in dreadful pain is a scary occurrence but unfortunately it is impossible to predict when or if you will have the next attack.

I agree with the other comments especially in relation to food because for obvious reasons, the food that you eat plays a significant part in how you feel. It is important to consider your nutritional needs but to ensure that the food you eat is not difficult to digest.

Some people find it very difficult to eat because of the pain in their intestines but you do still have to have the correct nutrition otherwise your body cannot fight back or heal. Try soups-home-made soups such as parsnip pumpkin or carrots can be soothing but you can also have chicken, turkey or salmon depending how it is cooked and that you ensure that they are easy to digest.

If you smoke it is important to stop because smoking can greatly exaggerate the pain associated with Crohn's disease, similarly alcohol intake should also be reduced. It's a good idea to also reduce the amount of dairy products such as milk and see if that makes a difference.

Other than that it is a case of listening to your body and understanding how the disease is affecting you on any given day. It's hard to do but it is also learning to manage the condition. Try relaxation techniques/meditation because these can help to reduce the stress or anxiety that you feel and stress has been proven to be a trigger for flare-ups.

Try to not worry too much and to adapt your life accordingly. The good news is that you may go months or even years between flare-ups.

If anyone has any advice on controlling the fear associated with crohn's, please do share.

Best wishes,

Annette Young

You'll be fine. :) NEW
by: Rylie

If you think 3 days was bad, I was in the hospital for 15 days. It's been almost a year now, and I've been pretty fine. I haven't had to go back since, but I might need to within the next few days for a check-up. I'm 17 now and my friends helped me through the process of healing after getting out of the hospital. You should just remember to eat the right types of foods, don't eat too much salad, eat a nice amount of bread or cereal each day, and just go easy on the grease. ;) Well, I hope everything turns out okay in your case. GOOD LUCK! :D

by: Sophie

Hi I have also just recently been diagnosed and its not always easy 2 get through this flare ups and I know that they can make you feel depressed or think y me....although I would say not all attacks are the same.. What tablets are you

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