Worried Mom Crohns

Hi everyone.

My 21 year old son was diagnosed last week with Crohn's. We are currently waiting on his TB test results so that he can start Remicade infusions. He just commented he wished he would wake up and the past few weeks have been a bad dream.

Not that he is o.k. with any part of this, but he can handle the Asacol 3 times a day, the daily Tenacort (sp) and the weekly vitamins he now takes... but he is not looking forward to the infusions. Our GI specialist tells us he will be taking them for a very very long time. We really don't want to ask, because maybe the hope of not having to have infusions every 8 weeks for the rest of his life is actually better than knowing he will have to have them. I was just wondering if there are any young people out there that have the infusions every other month, how that effects your life.. and how you cope knowing this is something for the rest of your life.. or when it goes into remission do you get to stop having the infusions??

Also, he lost his job prior to all of this, so has not income and no health insurance... any suggestions on how or where to get any financial assistance?


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