Working with Crohn's

by Deidra
(Chuckey, tn )

My husband was diagnosed with Crohn's about 1 year ago. He has since then had to go part-time at work. He always feels bad and tired. I understand, if I had to take that many trips tp the restroom. We are having to go back to court with his ex-wife, because his income has been cut substantially. She does not understand Crohn's and the complications. She calls him lazy. I was wondering how others deal with a work schedule. We are new to this, and could use all the advice we could get!

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Working with Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Thank you feel post.
I'm sorry to hear that your husband is suffering from the negative effects of Crohn's disease. It is a truly horrible disease and intense fatigue can make the struggle to carry on extremely hard.

I agree with the previous post in that maybe it would be a good idea to educate his ex-wife. Understandably she would not be too happy that any money would be cut but she may not understand the full implications of a disease such as Crohn's.

It may be an idea to pick up some literature perhaps from your specialist Dr and to let the ex-wife have a read of this, many people are in the dark completely when it comes to Crohn's disease, and she may have a bit more understanding afterwards.

I sympathise with your husband. It is very difficult trying to maintain any sort of routine when you are fighting pain and exhaustion. Stress of course is likely to make the whole thing worse because it has been proven to be a substantial trigger as regards Crohn's disease. While it is practically impossible to reduce stress completely, there may be specific triggers that are causing the brunt of the problems with him, so if you can identify those triggers and remove them, things should start getting a little better.

When he is experiencing these intense bout of fatigue, it is wise to him to sleep as much as possible and to try to rebuild his strength. The grip that Crohn's has on some people does lessen and there may be times when it more or less goes into remission.

He needs to reduce any unnecessary workload and to cope with the things that are essential only. It's a case of him listening to his body and paying attention to it. He also needs to be honest with his manager at work as hopefully they will provide him with support in the work-place. I hope this helps.

Best of luck,

Working With Crohn's
by: JoAnne

Your husband's ex-wife needs a book on crohn's to understand about the disease. It took me a long time to understand that I could no longer work with all the problems I was having. I had to file for disablility. Your husband may have to take his ex-wife back to court to reduce his child support. I know that he is like most men he wants to support his children, but there is a time that you have to understand they your body will not let you work like you once could. I had to go to counciling to get to understand that, because I worked 50 to 60 hours a week and enjoyed every minute. So think about educating his ex-wife and going back to court to reduce child support. He isn't lazy he is dealing with something bigger than you or her and it isn't a easy thing to live with. I fight daily with not being able to work. I haven't worked in almost three years. I am working on my disablility. So tell your husband to pick his head up and be glad he is still able to work. Don't let what other people say get you down, I did and it hurts and you are your worse enemy.

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