working is a pain...

hey, i have had crohn's for about 6 years... but have never really gotten rid of the stomach pains and now joint pains... i have been on remicade for more then a year, but i'm finding it really hard to go to work. i have stomach cramps all day and the stress is overwhelming, i'm always tired and lately depressed about life. it seems like the only thing that calms me down is marijuana, obviously i can't smoke this at work, so the only time i feel alright is a couple hours before i go to bed... i just don't know what to do anymore... does anyone have any suggestions? thanx, chris

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Working is a pain NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I am sorry to read that you are really suffering with Crohn's disease and that it has affects your life so badly. I can completely sympathize and I know it can cause more than just the abdominal cramps and joint pain too.

When you feel so bad, it is really difficult to force yourself into the workplace everyday, I hope that you have managed to tell your employers and colleagues about your condition and that they are all very supportive of you. Crohn's has a habit of making people quite introverted, simply because who wants to talk about how many bathroom breaks they take each day? But stress in the workplace or any other type of stress, can impact you quite badly.

At one time stress was considered to be the cause of Crohn's disease, so this will tell you the link between the two. It was however disproved but is known as a serious trigger that can cause flare-ups.

I can understand you wanting to try anything that will help alleviate the symptoms but I attach a link to an official report about the use of drugs that you may find useful.

Personally, I would try to establish any definitive triggers that could be making your Crohn's so aggressive. Equally, I would try some self-help techniques which can also help you to sleep better. If you haven't tried meditation before, you really should. It can help you to shut out any anxieties of the day, great if you have had a very stressful day at work, and can help you to completely relax your body which must boost inner healing. Try a guided mediation first as this will get you into the moment much more quickly.

Keeping a food Journal is also useful just to see if any particular foods could be causing the problem. You can try eliminating dairy products, alcohol and smoking.

I hope that your Crohn's starts to ease and would love to hear how you get on.



2 True
by: Anonymous

Cannabis is the only thing that helps...

Helps with:

Everything else is garbage

Life on antibiotics and painkillers or steroids is not gonna happen.

Smoke Cannabis and eat healthy see a naturopathic doctor for diet help. Stay away from milk.

For Chris
by: dimitraAnonymous

Hi Chris,
I am ON HUMIRA NOW AND i FEEL better. Maybe you should talk to your doctor abaout it.

I have had Crohns for 19 years joint paines can be
by: Anonymous

I have had Crohns for 19 years joint paines can be reduced or stopped by changing one of your pills exchange pentaisa or asacol for sulphalazine that did the trick for me.

I had it bad lost weight to 7stone I now 13, but had 2 resection ops, managed bowl by azathioprine , sulphaazaline, vitamins/calsium.

Also remember to absorb goodness from food don't have tea or coffee staight after meals have vitamin c (fresh orange) this helps you body absorb, caffine stops you absorbing. (tea or coffee)

steve satdx

by: delilah

Ever thought of trying a tens machine to try and cope with the pain. It takes some time to get the setting that works for you but it`s worth it in the long run.

another thing
by: Anonymous

Another thing worth a try, get yourself some glutamine powder. I'm not into story telling, so google for details on it. Bottom line, it's an amino acid that your stomach generally uses most of it up when you consume it. There's a 12hr release forumla made by Maximum Human Performance that actually makes it through to the intestines. I've been on it for a little over a month and it's made a huge difference. You can find it at most supplement supply stores, possibly a pharmacy, wherever ya do find it, far cheaper online.

me too!
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris,

I totally get where your coming from. Im actually signed off work as we speak as they are getting rid of me in June because im an apprentice and what with my crohns i guess they just feel im useless. So im looking for a new job but i get the same problem when im at work and the added pressure of looking completely fine to the outside world brings on all kinds of accusations of why you may be absent. I have even thought about setting up my own business to overcome the stresses of working life, but its hard.

Failing starting your own business,I find it best to try and find a job which is 9-5 and something which you can close the door on and not take your work home with you. For people with crohns as you all well know i expect, rest is highly important but smoking weed may not help things. I must admit i have tried it and for me it seemed to make my tummy pains worse? the only thing that really makes my tummy pains any better is getting myself out of stressful situations.

I feel for you i really do , because that is exactly how i feel on a daily basis. I also hate the fact that i have major bloating all the time and cannot fit into my fav jeans anymore due to steroids and such like!

So if anyone has any tips for losing weight with crohns it would be much appreciated.

I am also on Remicade (but its called Infliximab here in England) and i find its done wonders for me.

I want to start meditating but to be honest not sure how.

sorry about the essay guys but i hope iv shared your pain.

Miss B

by: Anonymous


I hear ya?
by: Anonymous

First things first. Get of the dope. For as much as it helps in the short run it will be double in the long run. I have had Chron's for the last fifteen years and I just had my surgury last year. I was mis-diagnosed with pelvic inlammatory disease. Being a woman they thought some things was wrong with my pelvis and utereas. When really my intestines had become inflammed and created a fistula to my womb where it had been depositing the excrements from my intestine. Anyways i had an entreme flare up while visiting my sister and had to see her doctor. Needless to say my sisters doctor knew what was wrong right away did the proper testing and within three months I was booked for my surgery.(a very breif overview) Educate yourself on the effects of ganja. What does it do to your digestion. Just think if it calms you down it;s also going to calm down your digestion, yes slow it right down. I have spent a lot of time researching this. Fact: when slow or undigested food sits it the intestines it creates 1 thing: GAS;DEADLY GAS. Smoking dope it not helping the situation. The number one ingredients in which our bodies turns into gas in the intestine: Sugar. What do you want to eat when your all stoned? I bet your not reaching for a cup probiotics. I hope you take the time educate yourself. Don't be dependant

other thoughts...
by: Anonymous

Get off the dope. Just like cigarettes, all the other crap besides the smoke(resin,tar etc) ends up in your GI tract and causes irritation. I worked in a really high stress environment too, so I get it. Just do your best to not let stuff get to ya.

by: tod

First of all, Chris, i know what you're going through and so does probably everyone on this forum so you are definately not alone! not by a long shot!
Some people, myself included, find that Remicade is the answer, but I have fellow Crohnsies who didn't react well at all to it(i.e. your joint and styomach pains. But theyu reacted great to Humira. that might be one thing you could look into.
Another thing would be more spiritual. i find that meditation does wonders for me and helped me years before remicade even came to be. you can email me at if you would like to talk further.

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