working & crohn's

Does anyone know if I can work in a food environment if I have crohn's?

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My experience
by: Anonymous

I'm often nauseous in the morning and want nothing to do woth food. The combo of meds you're on could have a great deal to do with your symtoms. Many poeple with Crohns have acid reflux which may also be a contributing factor. There is no answer I'm afraid to say. Five years after my resection I am finally able gain weight and enjoy food. So much I could say but consider this one last thing... depression and anxiety, all symtoms of CD affect your stomach. Every thought, fear, etc. causes symtoms. Get your head straight, learn and listen to "your" body and you'll have a better chance at functioning.

depends how strong your stomach is
by: Anonymous

i worked in a food environment with my crohns, the only problem was the smell of the food made me sick almost all of the time. I guess it all depends on your ability to handle it. I couldn't. Good luck though

by: Amiee

Of course you can. I am a Chef.. Just make sure you are extra careful with cleanliness.

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