Work benefits for Crohn's?

by paul robinson

Can you claim any benefits for crohns disease while you are at work

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Work benefits NEW
by: Annette


It can be hard holding down a job with Crohn's disease and you may find that you cannot work full-time anymore and have to reduce your hours which can cause financial problems. It is certainly worth checking out if there are any benefits for you individually but it can be a long drawn out process.

Depending on the company you work for, one benefit is that they may enable you to work from home, this isn't always possible of course but once they know of your condition, they may try to be as flexible as possible.

It would appear that depending on your location of course, you may be able to qualify for some benefits but there are a number of ifs and buts in respect of this.

There are full guidelines held with the relevant departments and you can ring to have information sent to you. Social security does consider Crohn's disease to be sufficient in that it may impair or prevent an individual from working.So, some disability benefits may be awarded. It is evaluated under inflammatory bowel disease on their list of impairments.

Qualifying isn't always easy and the rules and regulations can change regularly but currently you would need to be diagnosed with IBD and would have an additional complication - fistula, an obstruction of the bowel, anemia which is not treatable. There are other listings but ideally, you need to take advice from your department of social security to be able to understand if you can qualify. In the UK, it comes under disability living allowance.

I would suggest that you seek further advice and try to make a claim if you are struggling.
I have heard people recommend keeping a claim file so that they can keep up to speed with their rights and also chase up any claims which appear to have gone astray.

Does anyone else have any advice for work benefits for Crohn's sufferers? I would be very interested to have feedback on this and how long it took to process a claim if successful.

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