White blood cells in stool ?

I am more often constipated but for two months I got crazy regular to the point of being married to my bathroom. I lost 10 lbs if I eat I had to go go go!!! So the doctor ran test my blood work was fine for infection but my potassium was low and I had white blood cells in my stool. I had already made up my mind that my problem was from INSAID medicine for my lower back pain/injury. When the doctor told me results and to go see a GI doc that I may have ulcerative colitis or chrons. Sometime passed because I thought he & I agreed it was the medicine. Then the problem started again so I started reading about IBD . I get kanka's & get very constipated I sometimes see stars from straining, i call it flaming bum but I think it may be little fissures a tiny bit of blood on the paper, i have lots of adhesions from two c-sections,so I get bad pain from time to time when a movement is about to happen. Most of this stuff I have just chalked off and never talked to my doctor about.
So now I am asking if anyone else knows the significance of the WBC in stool,I had no other signs of infection

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