weather and crohns disease

does weather affect crohns disease?

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dry warm climate makes huge difference
by: Mr G (Las Vegas, NV)

I used to live in Seattle when I was diagnosed about 10 years ago, was sick all the time to a point of not able to take care of myself. constant flareups, a number of medication regiments changes - nothing was helping out.

moved to Nevada state 5 years ago, here all symptoms subsided within a month to a point where doctor here now is unable to find any signs of Chron's. my colon is clear and sound (so to speak:).

definitely think climate change does make the difference, I would strongly recommend to move away from wet and cold to dry and warm/hot and see if that helps!

Back to the north
by: Anonymous

I had a resection done 1 year before moving to the south. I lived in North Carolina for 11 years and never had a problem and on no medication. I moved back to the north a year ago and was fortunate to have a mild winter. It has been a bad winter so far and with every storm I can feel my body getting weaker. I am hoping to move back south in the warmth and sunshine. Also have been told by my doctor my calcium level and iron level has dropped since a year ago.

warm climate
by: misty

i myself do believe the weather affects the process of remission and relaps. i have been diagnosed with crohns for 12 years and the first 8 years i lived in wv. during this time i was always sick. in 2009 i moved to S.C where i found myself in complete remission after 3 months of living there.I never had a 2011 i moved back to Wv in only 6 months i am now in full blown relaps. i had just had a colon check when i left sc at MUSC and the doctor told me there was absolutly no sign of any crohns. now i have to have another one. this time i know that there will be lots of crohns.

by: Anonymous

I have no idea if weather has an impact on the disease, although we are having a spell of very warm weather and he is having a flare up. I don't think medication is working as he has flare ups almost every month.

weather and crohns disease
by: Anonymous

I know weather effects my Crohns Disease. I have been living with it for almost 20 years. When teh weather gets cloudy, damp and/or cold I feel horrible. I have lived in SF, Maui and now VA while living with Crohns. The most healthy I ever felt was when I lived in Maui. Dry, warm, sunny weather works best for me. Everyone is different and is effected differently.

Seasonal allergies adding to my flare up
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 3 years ago. We recently moved from a dry climate to the very damp/humid climate of Minneapolis. I have been very healthy -- no allergies for 6 years in our previous location. I have been here four weeks and my allergies kicked in full force about three weeks into it along with a flare up. I really feel that seasonal allergies could have something to do with this flare up.

by: Anonymous

i live in nz and was diagnosed about two years ago. we are having an extremely hot summer at the moment and i have found myself becoming increasingly ill with flare up after flare up. i beleive that the weather can affect crohns as i often feel much better when the winter months roll around.

whether changes and chrohn's
by: Anonymous

I have been recently diagnosed with Chrohn's so I can say yet but I have had a friend who has had for almost 40 years and he says changes in the barometric pressure make him much worse.

i think it does
by: Anonymous

i am a 30 year old female and have crohns disease for about 41/2 years. i feel weather has alot to do with it. for some reason my legs stay cold, and i am sicker in the winter months. i have only noticed the difference since i have gotten sick. and have traveled to warmer climents in our winter months to only feel better.

Weather and Crohn's
by: Susan

I've had Crohn's Disease for twenty-three years. For most of them, I notice that things act up quite a bit in the fall when there is a real change in weather here in New England. It's kind of like seasonal allergies.... the diarrhea gets much worse.

by: Anonymous

personally I dont think weather affects crohns disease and I think it a bit of a fallasey to think this

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