Valium for Crohn's disease

by Julie

I have had part of instenine removed (3 years ago) and the Crohn's has come back. A woman at work has Crohn's as well and her doc has given her Valium, my doc refuses and states that it will not help. Has anyone else been given/denied Valium for Crohn's?

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You Guys have helped heaps.
by: Kaz

Just want to thank you all, just talking to people who actually experience this disease, is healing in itself. I have only realised in the last 3 yrs that I have had this pain for over 30 years. I was told that it was just anxiety and here take some antidepressants so I did. the mood got better but pain was still there. I started drinking alcohol out of pure frustration, it seem to be the only thing that would numb my brain and my gut, even though I new I would pay for it the next day, (sometimes you just want to have a break.) I would go to the doctor try to explain the pain again, but then their focus was on my drinking, Sooo frustrating' You stop the pain then I can stop the drinking. (i'm thinking).
I have been afraid to use valum for addictive reasons. But today I am going to take one. This flare up has being going on for over 2 and a half months. Thanks everyone for your support Xxx

Works Brilliantly for Me
by: Anonymous

My flares and excruciating spasms can last for 7-10 days. They are relentless and horrendous. Morphine does little to help. However, a couple of months ago, as I curled into a fetal, sweaty ball of pain, a friend suggested I take one of her Valium. I took it. Within an hour, the pain had subsided dramatically. By the end of the day, no pain at all. Last weekend, another spasm flare started (after 20 years, I know the signs of a spasm that will last for days). So, I called my friend and, was able to almost immediately take the Valium, the pain was gone in about a half hour and I was out of bed the next day. I don't know if it works for everyone - I suppose different people have different flare triggered, but it sure as hell works for me.

by: Robbie

To Julie If Valium works for you that's a good thing. Are you in Aberdeen Ohio. There are a lot of cases in that area for sme reason. Stay with what works. Good luck

Valium helps me!
by: Anonymous

I am a 45 year old female, reasonably fit and healthy considering I have had Crohn's for 30 years, and finally succumbed to a bowel resection last year. I swell up massively either when stressed or when I forget to take Questran. The only thing that reduced my swelling was steroids but I cannot stay on those. So I demanded Valium from my GP, stating that nothing else works so I may as well give it a go. For me, it works. I do not have an addictive nature so I can use them only when I know I am in a stressful situation (with work pressures/deadlines, etc.) and it does make the swelling subside.
I've been researching Crohn's for years. I'm convinced there is a link between anxiety, hormones and Crohn's, but I do not think Crohn's causes the anxiety. I believe genetically, we lack particular hormones, esp. of the gut, that control all sorts of things, like balancing reabsorption of bile acids, etc. There is new research going on right now into hormones - search Crohn's FGF19 - here is one:
Interesting and hopeful stuff!

It has helped me
by: Anonymous

The problem is this: most doctors will tell you they don't know what cause Chron's and will put you on a variety of drugs for your lifetime. This made no sense to me. They were attempting to treat the side effects of Chron's instead of targeting the cause. Through personal experience, I have learned my flare-ups are directly related to stress. Some people get ulcers from stress, some migraines, and some intestinal cramping and flare ups (Chron's). Doctor's answer is surgery, which never stops the issue, and multiple prescriptions which also don't stop the problem. After having multiple flare ups over 8 years, month long stays in the hospital, fistulas, abdominal abscesses with drains placed, etc... I have now had no major flare ups sense 2005. I take zero medications. Except for a Valium at the first signs of abdominal cramping/pain when I feel overwhelmed and stressed. This has worked like a charm. I've mentioned this to several doctors, but they refuse to admit Chrone's disease is as simple as your body's adverse reaction to stress. My opinion, it can't hurt to try. Much less invasive than survey and so much healthier than taking daily medications.

Anxiety Meds may help
by: Dennis

I've had Crohn's and IBS for nearly 20 years now. In the beginning, I would get frequent flare ups (mostly due to not knowing what foods helped and which ones hurt me).
I've been quite thin all of my life, and became really thin when Crohn's found me.
I also found that Crohn's caused me to become chronically anxious. After years of avoiding anxiety/depression meds, I finally gave them a try.
It took me trying 3 different types before I found one that actually helped me (Paxil).
With my anxiety under control, I virtually had no more Crohn's symptoms and began gaining weight steadily. At this point I actually need to lose some weight :)
I've tried marijuana on a few occasions and found it helpful also.
So from experience, my thoughts are that controlling anxiety relaxes the bowels and stops the viscous cycle.
I hope you all can find the relief I have found.

by: Anonymous

Obviously Vanessa does not have crohn's!

Valium and steriods for crohn's
by: Anonymous

I have had crohn's for over 20 years had the operations to resection the small intestine. I was 18 never took any drugs for the diareha or flare ups - 1/4 valium helps me to relax the stomach muscles and helps to relax the mind also even when I'm cold my stomach hurts valium helps better than deep breathing - when I have a flare up going to the bathroom more than 4 or 5 times a day (summer fruit) I might have to do a 7 day regimen of steriods to calm things down, so I can continue to eat without the pain. It hard to have a appatite when you feel sick like this all the time, also I will be appling for NJ medical Marijuana to at least me to keep a normal weight.

valium works for me
by: Anonymous

i have had severe cronhs for about 12 years and i have a stricture in lower right bowl , i have had 7 opperations and refusing to have anymore because they never help i feel as bad as when i first got it, this sticture is like someone has there hand in my tummy sqeezing that part of my bowl it is hell,
i tried valium one time and was amazed that the stricture went ?? 25 mins later no pain from stricture at all for 24 hours, unless im in really bad pain it takes a bit longer to relax it. i think its because it is a muscle relaxant. bowl is muscle, one doctor told me this wasnt possible lol, been telling the doctors only to be accused of bein a drug seeker never once have i got them off the docs.

by: Anonymous

Doctor prescribed her Valiums to relieve stress which seems to big the trigger point in flare up. I recently had a hard year and was put on depression / stress and I haven't had a flare up yet just can't figure out how to get rid of the joint pain.

re-valium for crohna
by: teresa

My dr gave it to me as well, but that is because i tend to over think things, and some times at night my brain will not shut up, so i take a valium, just to relax me enough so i can sleep. now mind you i do NOT take it everynight, only when i need to. I also suffer depression, along with Crohns.

by: Vanessa

Hello :)
I think your doctor does not want to prescribe you Valium is because he does not want you to become dependant of it. It would help you sleep, deal with the stress, but I do not think it would help you with the disease. I am sorry to hear the disease has came back. Good luck.

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