Trying to work with crohn's

by MIndi

How do I go to work w/ this disease.I had a very understanding boss while I was having my many flare ups she was understanding about all the trips to the bathroom but due to the economy situation my job expired that leads me to having no insurance trying to cope w/this through health food and vitamin shops am I playing russian roulet with my life what can I do?

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Trying to work with crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time with your Crohn's disease. It is very hard to endure all of the pain and discomfort and still try to hold a job down, I am glad that you had an understanding boss at least who could recognise that you are going through such a bad time. Good communication can go a long way and once employers recognize how bad this disease can be, many are providing greater support.

You do need to be on medication for Crohn's and you need to have regular checkups with your doctor.

Unfortunately if you're not getting the full medical support, you are taking risks with your health. Crohn's disease can be so unpredictable and it can be very aggressive. I'm a firm believer in preventative measures. I think if you have insurance and a good doctor, the chances are you will not need one, but when you don't have this backup, this is when you're more likely to have greater problems.

Maybe the stress of it all is aggravating the Crohn's disease at the moment, stress was once thought to be the cause of Crohn's disease after all, but now has been identified as a significant trigger.

You should avoid stressful situations like the plague; you should rest when you can, try to sleep as well as possible and to eat as healthily as you can but to choose a simplistic diet of foods that are easy to digest. If you drink alcohol, then this needs be reduced and stopped. If you smoke, similarly you need to give up.

There is much that you can do to help keep your life in balance, such as taking up relaxation techniques and meditation as these can help to combat stress and to help you to relax your body and this is important. But it's not a cure-all of course and it won't stop you from having problems with Crohn's disease.

I'm sorry I can't give you more personalised information, my view is that you do need to seek out medical assistance if you possibly can and have the peace of mind of insurance.

Much luck,

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