trying to find new ways to deal with life with crohns.

by lisa
(london ky)

My name is lisa I have advanced active crohns. I have lived with this for over six years. I have had 3 major surgurys, the meds keep getting worse. So my boyfriend and I have decided to try new was of living. We eat healthy, walk (when I feel good) disinfect everything not nailed down and stay home! My depretion is worse and I feel like I'm in jail. Any thought america? I'm open to comments good or bad. Them meds I'm on now lower my t~ cells and I feel like my life is almost spent. Thanks for reading this feel free to share with me.

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trying to find new ways to deal with life with crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hey there,

I was sorry to read that you are having such a bad time of things with your Crohn's disease. No wonder you feel depressed. It's a horrible disease that has the power to change your life completely and to make you feel isolated and introverted. I am very glad that you are not on your own and you have support.

If you are caring about your diet and are exercising when possible, there is little else you can do apart from seeking additional medical advice or trying out some natural remedies. Some people swear by natural remedies such as aloe vera and while it seems to work for some, it gives diarrhea to others. Remember of course that crohn's affects people on a very individual level.

You could try probiotics -as it may help to restore the balance of bacteria within the digestive tract. Make sure it is one without dairy.

Fish oil is also said to be beneficial for Crohn's sufferers and it is believed that the omega3 and 6 fatty acids may help to reduce inflammation. It is certainly worth a try.

Other remedies include stress management. If you have any external triggers - problems that are hanging over you, you may well find that you will feel better if you are able to resolve them.

I attach a link for you here and hope that it helps.

Best of luck,


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