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Hi - I have a friend who is 100 years old. She was diagnosed with CD
about 5 years ago. Is their anything that is especially helpful for an older person.

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by: Annette Young


Thank you for writing in. What an amazing achievement, to live for 100 years. I am sorry to hear that your friend has been suffering for the last five years with Crohn's disease however
Unfortunately Crohn's disease has no respect the age, gender or individual, and sometimes there seems to be little reason as to why the disease affects one person and not another.

At this moment in time there is no concrete information as to why the disease occurs and certainly, no known cure. At one time, doctors believed that stress was the cause and while stress for anybody is a bad thing, it is not the cause of Crohn's.

Importantly your friend needs to know that there are triggers that can cause a bad flare-up of this disease. Alcohol for example can upset the digestive system, as can having the odd cigarette or two. Some people find that they are a lactose intolerant meaning that dairy products can also cause a flare-up, but spicy dishes or hard to digests foods can again cause lots of pain.

The important thing for anyone to know if how to cope with it on an individual level. There will be triggers, including stress that can cause unpleasant bouts of pain and diarrhea, constipation or nausea so determining the cause is vital. Then it is possible to avoid it.

I hope that the doctors are able to manage this disease and to keep it under control. If not, your friend needs to ask for more help as there are different medications available.

I wish your friend well.

Kind regards,


by: mary

a stress free life, thats the best thing for your friend,

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