towards the end

I did'nt realize that my sister was dying. She was leaking fluid through her skin. Her body was so swollen all over and she was just so sick.

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Towards the end NEW
by: Annette Young

Thank you for writing in and I'm so sorry to read about your sister. I hope by the time that you read this life will be treating you better and you will have been able to grieve for her.

Losing someone you love is incredibly difficult and I always think that it is harder for those left behind because no doubt you have had a lot of questions as to why and also, thoughts as to whether you could have done anything to prevent it or ease it.

You haven't given us much information about your sisters condition, so I cannot really comment on this but I do know what it's like to be left behind and to feel a multitude of emotions ranging from fear, anxiety and even guilt. There is a lot more to the cycle of life and the acknowledgement of death of a loved one than we realise.

It's a harrowing to see someone you are close to suffer consistently and it's horrible of course for the person who is suffering. I'm sure that you are glad that your sister is not in any pain now but I hope you have been able to find some relief from your grief.

If her death and the pain is still very vivid for you, I would urge that you seek counselling. I come from a natural health and counselling background, and I know that keeping any emotion in could only cause you to experience future health problems. Speaking to someone outside of your family circle will mean that you can talk freely and unburden any emotions.

Once again I am sorry for your loss, but please do write in and let us know how you are doing.

Best wishes,

low protein
by: Anonymous

that is a problem i am having,as my protein goes up my swelling down,this is just a thought,jim

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