this crazy life

by miranda
(cartersville ga)

hi, my name is miranda.i am 26 years old and was diagnosed,with crohns at the age of20!I have 1 child that is almost 5.i got pregnant with him 1 month after i was diagnose,so i couldnt receive treatment until he was the time of delivery i had already developed a 2 anorectal fistulas(very,very,painful)I had a fistulotomy when my son was 3 monthes old and had to have another fistulotomy a year later,it was a horrible healing prosses.thanks to my wonderful son i was able to be happy and pull my self through,it was a very difficult time in my life.I was put on azathioprine,and humira,and petasa.I havnt had a flare scince.(thank the lord)!I still sometimes have those moments of looking for a restroom everywhere!I make sure of that!know matter what i have learned to live with this disease,and cope!It has definantly taken a toll on my marriage,and my life but,i find joy in ansering questions and helping as many people as i can b/c support is the very best thing to have during these of now i cant work bacause i am always tired and feel like these drugs are keeping me down as if you have any questions feel free to ask!

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This Crazy Life NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi Miranda,

It is a crazy life indeed and it sounds like you have had a very bad time with your Crohn's. Unfortunately, when you are pregnant, they can't give you medication suddenly as it could affect the baby, and the doctors advise that a woman become pregnant only once the Crohn's is in remission. This is why you probably were poorly during your pregnancy although, often the crohn's should automatically dissipate during pregnancy as the immune system is suppressed

I know it must be hard to stay positive but I like your attitude in that you want to reach out to others. I think it is a great idea considering how many people who have Crohn's disease, also feel quite isolated as a result.

Fatigue is something that many sufferers experience. You should drink more water- for greater clarity and to keep your body hydrated - good for preventing constipation, and to ensure you have your full quota of daily vitamins and minerals and to sleep when you need to.

This will help your body to fight back and for the Crohn's to have less of a grip on you. I know it's tough feeling exhausted but if you can develop good sleep patterns you may soon start to feel better and able to cope.

I wish you the best of luck,


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