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Thanks to your web site forum on crohn's disease, my son does not feel he is the only one dealing with chron's and it has also helped us as a family to understand what he is going through and in what ways he can help him self and us to help him deal with this.

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Good communication.. NEW
by: Annette

Thank you for your message.
Many people who suffer with Crohn's disease feel very isolated and often, depressed. It is not surprising but what a difference communication and support can make.

For anyone suffering with this disease, don't shut yourself off, instead reach out to family and friends and tell them just what you are going through. By its very nature, crohn's disease can make you feel like hiding, but this is the last thing that you should do. There are aspects of the disease that can be embarrassing especially when you need to sit in the loo at work for hours on end, but face up to it and tell others because, the more support you have, the stronger and more resilient you will become. Fact.

Forums like this can offer an abundance of advice and its a great way to reach out to people and to share your experiences - whether as a sufferer or someone who is witnessing a loved one going through hell. Communication is everything. It can be anonymous if need be, but ask the questions, share your experiences, offer tips on how to cope. Help others as well as help yourself.

There are many websites out there with information and there are books that can offer some great tips on coping too. Nothing beats being able to communicate in some way to others however.

One sufferer friend of mine said that once she had overcome her embarrassment, she found laughter the greatest thing and yes, this meant laughing at herself. Her family and friends joined in and mocked her when she had to run to the loo but she said, it made the disease less scary - for her anyway. But importantly, she opened up and told those closest to her just how she was feeling. The disease made her feel ill at times but did not stop her from going through a marriage break-up, finding love again and, eventually having a baby.

This approach worked for her but as the disease affects people on a very individual basis, you need to find ways to manage it yourself. Certainly a great starting point is to participate in forums like this and to refuse to let Crohn's disease become your silent disease.

How do you deal with your disease?

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