Testing for Crohn's

I have been unwell for almost 2 years now, for the first year i got told it was IBS and given tablets that later put me in hospital. I have constant diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating to the point i have very bad strech marks now,tiredness, pain in my joints and inflammation of the eyes.

I have had blood test and a flexi-scope. Bloods were fine but they found what looked like inflammation but when they checked the biopcy it was normal. Does anyone have an idea what could that be?
I have also had an MRI of the small bowel and came back fine so they discharged me (Grr hate it when they give up on you when there is something wrong but they cant be bothered) but it is only my large bowel that is causing problems, my last consultant said Crohn's now they dont know.

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Diagnosis NEW
by: Annette


I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell and that you cannot get a proper diagnosis. It certainly sounds very similar to Crohn's but do bear in mind, that they often misdiagnose it in the first instance. They look for proof for obvious reasons but the symptoms can seem similar to IBS at first.

Symptoms of Crohn's include:

Intense fatigue
Joint pain
Abdominal cramps
Reduced appetite and weight loss
Blood in stools

Other symptoms include:

Eye inflammation
Skin disorders

It is worth knowing that you don't need to have all of the symptoms for it to be Crohn's disease. The disease affects people differently also. What affects one person will not affect the other.

Tests include:

Blood tests
Small bowel imaging
Barium enema
Capsule endoscopy to list a few.

I would keep a note of all of the symptoms you experience each day for at least two weeks and then you can discuss once more with your doctor. While it is difficult to know how to deal with your symptoms, try not to stress about it as this can actually make them worse if it is Crohn's, it's a vicious circle I'm afraid.

Don't give up on trying to get a correct diagnosis because you need to know what you are dealing with going forward. The more information that you can give your doctors however, will help them to be able to correct ascertain the cause and then finally you will be able to get treatment.

Just remember you are not alone, forums like this are designed to be a source of contact and support for people just like you.I hope that helps.

Has anyone else experienced misdiagnosis or delays in being diagnosed? Do let me know.

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