tattoo and crohns disease

by tyler

im 17 and about to turn 18 and i want a tattoo but the person i live with has crohn's and he says if i get one it would make him sick is that true?

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pyoderma and tattoos?
by: kieran

Hello all, this is my first post. im 37 yo who has had crohns disease since i was a child, i have an ileostomy for the past 13 years but developed pyoderma around the it. i was placed on infliximab and the pyoderma healed within weeks. im desperate to get a tattoo but am reluctant to incase the pyderma affects it. Has anyone got any advice or been in the same sittuation? Thanks so much

Tattoo and crohns disease
by: Annette Young


Thank you for your question.
I know a great many people who have Crohn's disease and I can categorically confirm that none of them have mentioned that seeing someone with a tattoo would make them ill. I think it is far more likely that they just do not like tattoos and are trying to put you off having one. Alternatively, it is possible that they are quite squeamish and that the sight of the tattoo when it is first done could make them feel bad. but it would be more the thought of it than anything else.

Either way the most important thing if you are considering having a tattoo is to ensure that you go to a reputable one and that your own immunity is not impacted. If you have Crohn's disease yourself, then you should always be careful not to succumb to any infections, more so because of a lower immune system but if you do not have Crohn's, then let common sense prevail.

Enjoy your tattoo but it might be an idea to keep it under wraps until healed and then I don't think that anyone with Crohn's or not will have an adverse reaction to it.

Hope that helps?


say yes to the ink!
by: Anonymous

I'm 36 I have 1 tattoo and guages in my ears and going biger next week! The only thing u need to worry about is infection! Us lots of disenfectant and life is groovy enjoy ur ink my friend. Ms. Ky

Not a problem
by: Anonymous

I've gotten two tattoos since being diagnosed and put on remicade. First one had no problems except for the pain of actually getting it done. The second which covers the entirety of my back and was done over 4 consecutive days gave me fevers for 2 weeks. Not sure if that was related to my disease of the extent of ink and my own barely average weight.

It most likely wont kill you but remember to take very good care of it (more prone to infections and what not) and that if you chose to get ink done, it will last a lifetime (or cost a lot of money and pain to have it lasered off-on average I think it takes like 6 to 8 treatments to remove black, depending on the age)

by: Tod

I have several tattoos and have had CD for 40 years. The only thing that your friend might be alluding to is if you are on Humera or Remicade. If so, you have a tendency to be more prone to get infections and bleed more, so they do not reccomend that you get a tattoo in those instances.

by: Rich

I've never heard of such a thing. It sounds like either your friend is grossly misinformed or, doesn't want you to get a tattoo. My wife has had crohns for nearly 25 yrs., and the only thing I can think of that I may have done to help initiate a flareup is to stress her out with negative comments, heart breaking stories, bad news, etc. Being positive is really important for the crohns patient and the people around them. We've have found that depression is a big part of having Crohns or any other on going illness. I hope you get this worked out. Living with a crohn's patient is very difficult. Not only my wife, but our adult son has it also and had to move back home, so I know what it's like. Not easy!! Hang in there and my best to you and your friend.

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