Support for Alternative Treatment to Chron's

by ladycat
(chicago, illinois)

My 22 year old daughter has suffered with Chron's for 6 years. Medical doctors are now recommending surgery. She has opted to treat with our Chiropractor and has begun a 25 day program which includes ingesting a medical powder 2 times daily with a diet eliminating dairy, wheat, sugar, soy and peanuts. She is 7 days in to the program and feeling hopeless. Has any one undergone a similar program and put this disease into remission? She needs moral support from someone who has experienced this!

My heart is bleeding for her. She is down 20 pounds, chronically fatigued and becoming depressed.

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by: Anonymous

has your daughter gotten any relief being on that regimen by the chiropractor ?

by: Folkars Girl

I know that surgery sounds bad at such a young age. I had surgery at 19 and then again at 27. I felt so good after surgery and actually felt I could live an almost normal life. In both instances other treatments didnt work for me. They even tried Remicade before one of my surgeries and it did nothing. They tried it again after my second surgery and I have been on remicade for 7 years and have never felt better. I highly recommend surgery. I avoided it with my first surgery and I ended up staying in the hospital for an entire week before they could even do surgery. I went crazy being 19 and in the hospital for 14 days.

Good Luck to you.

by: Anonymous

try modulen im just about to give it a go

by: Anonymous

Hi I have just recently found this forum and saw your post. I am 23 and have had Crohn's for about 10 years now. I have tried Steroids which can provide a short term relief from symptoms, but by no means take these long term. I have been put on 6mp and Asacol for about 7 years or so, and those stopped worked for me recently. I am now on Remicade which is working wonders. I would need to hear a doctors reasoning for putting someone through surgery, but it may mean that it is serious enough to warrant it.

Like the man above me said, diet is a big factor in keeping problems away. There is also a drug called Humira out for patients who don't respond well to Remicade. These 2 drugs are a life saver and I would talk to your doctor about them. Tell her my thoughts and prayers go with her, and to keep her head up. Concentrate on how to fix things, sometimes it takes a while to get back on track but it will happen just to relax till it does.

by: David

I have had crohn's for 30 years. Only until recently have I realized how important diet is. Each person is different, but with crohn's ,I do believe that avoiding dairy, wheat & certain foods that you know effect you .
I have recently gone to a crohn's & colitus support group in our area in n.y. & it has helped. I have gone to a naturalist and she has put me on a special diet avoiding gluten in wheat and dairy & eggs. Everyone is different but overall it is a healthy diet. Eating alot more fish and no pork ,little beef.Alot of vegetables and corn chips and beans. Try it for a couple of months and see if you feel differently.
Hope that helps, David

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