by Margaret
(Falkirk, Scotland)

Just wondering if anyone who has been on sulfasalazine
has had any side effects and what were they?

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Ref Sulfasalazine NEW
by: Margaret Brown

Hi Annette,

Thank you for your response. I suffer from dizziness and cannot tolerate the sun, possibly medication is the answer. My Consultant intended putting me on immune suppressants which my son is on for his Crohns, unfortunately during an MRI for my Crohns a pancreatic tumour was discovered. I went through major surgery and 6 months chemo and due to the cancer they cannot prescribe any immune supps. I have really bad joint problems and also problems with my eyes and other symptoms which could all be due to the Crohns. However, they have done a biopsy of my saliva glands as the doctors think I might have Sjogrens Syndrome which is another cronic auto immune condition with no cure. This can also cause arthritis, dry eyes, dry mouth and other symptoms.

My father was on sulfasalazine for Ulcerated Colitis which he was symptom free for many years until he passed away from other conditions.

I have found the sulfasalazine helps with diahorrea but I do still have pain and severe joint problems. I also have two herniated discs and nerve problem which causes me severe leg and back pain. They give me steroid epidural to try and help with leg pain but unfortunately, due to all my other problems it makes things more difficult for the doctors as they are limited with the treatment I can get. I have never smoked and do not drink and eat pretty healthily but it hasnt done me a lot of good, lol.

I am also on permanent steroids (prednisilone) which has caused its own problems but I guess you have to weigh up the problems without it.

Does you mother have any other symptoms due to the Crohns? My 22 year old son has Crohns and has suffered a lot due to it, I always worry about the future for him. He gets very tired as do I but I am not one to give in, life is too short.

Thank you again for your reply, hope your mother remains pain free, take care.

Sulfasalazine NEW
by: Annette Young


Thank you for your question.
My mother suffered greatly with conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's for many years and had tried many different treatments in an effort to get the painful symptoms under control.

I can remember her being prescribed sulfasalazine and that it helped her to experience longer bouts between the pain. Of course, people suffer with these conditions in a very unique ways and so the solution or medication has to be looked at in the same way. It's very much trial and error.

Sulfasalazine does not cure the condition but it certainly can help to alleviate symptoms and it can lessen diarrhoea, rectal bleeding and abdominal pains. The treatment works by reducing any swelling that may be present in the large intestine and to reduce any irritation. It is also used to treat arthritis and in particular rheumatoid arthritis and this is another reason why my mother was prescribed this drug.

With Crohn's disease, joint pain is very common and this drug may help to reduce the swelling and stiffness and overall joint pain experienced but certainly, if prescribed early enough it can also prevent some degradation of the joint.

It can make you experience dizziness and become more sensitive to the Sun, so do be careful. I would always advise that the contra indications are checked prior to taking any drug and to ask the doctors for further advice if there are concerns.
My family had a positive reaction to this drug and I know other people who have taken it with seemingly no negative side-effects but do monitor your progress if you're on it.

I hope this helps,

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