suffering from crohns and got a new born

My name is Jess Hunt and I got diagonsed with crohns in 2006. I have just had a baby and my crohns has come back quite bad. I'm finding it near imposible to look after him when it flares up. Does anyone have any tips ast how to cope with this?

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Flare up with new born
by: Jess hunt

Thanks everyone for your advice. I'm still having problems and have been hospitalised 3 times due to not being able to eat. The gp won't put me on prednisone as I have fractured my back in 4 places from being on it long term. They have had me on the highest anti-biotics they can put me on but nothing seems to be working. I'm running out of options and patience I just don't no what to do or feel anymore

Suffering from crohn's and got a new born.
by: Annette Young

Hi Jess,
Thank you for writing in. Congratulations on the baby. I hope by the time you read this, your Crohn's disease will be a little more under control and you will have settled into motherhood.

Having a baby when you feel perfectly well is exhausting enough, but when you have Crohn's as well, it can seem to be an uphill battle.

The key is to listen to your body as much as you can and to rest when you need to and to become more energized when you feel able. This is not so easy unless you can synchronize those times along with the down times of the baby. You have to be as organised as you can during the times where your health has improved, plan ahead, limit the tedious chores or unnecessary chores for a while and ensure you have plenty of nappies, baby formula etc to hand, to save you having to run to the shops to get more when you feel so drained.

Try to get as much sleep as you can and to avoid stress where possible. If you are struggling to get some sleep at those times when the baby is sleeping, it is worth trying a guided meditation CD as this can make you feel very relaxed and sleepy and will enable you to drift off quite easily should you wish to.

Push mundane and unnecessary chores to one side but enlist the support of those around you. Never turn down the offer of help and just remember that you are not super woman and you have to care for yourself as much as for the baby.

I really hope you start to feel better soon.

Best of luck,

Dealing with Crohns and a baby
by: Anonymous

I know exactly what you are going through. My Crohns stayed in remission while I was pregnant but as soon as my daughter was born, all bets were off. I kept the car seat carrier close to me so if needed I could put her in it and buckle her in while I ran to the bathroom. I also had a baby swing that I would put her in and turn on whenever I needed a short break. Luckily I had two older children who helped out "some". Lol Be sure to lay down when the baby naps. Don't worry about keeping the house clean right now. That can wait. Bonding with your baby and controlling your disease is what's important. If you are breast feeding, get your dr to call you in a prescription for prednisone. It will help you and it won't harm the baby. I was on prednisone for almost two years after the birth of my daughter. Just be sure that if you are feeling like you need a break that you get someone to help you. I wish you luck! :)

Crohns & a new born...
by: Freese

If you can rest/nap when the baby does, absolutely do so. It's hard when you are dealing with a Crohns flare up because it depletes your energy, so also if anyone offers their help to you; friends, family, or both, please do not feel bad in accepting their offers. If you don't find anyone is offering help; then you may have to ask for it and in most cases, people are happy to help. The thing is, people mean well, but often don't know what they should do, so if you ask them; it gives them the chance to do something for you.
Just have them help put an easy meal together, fold some laundry or pick up some groceries for you. I hope your flare up doesn't last long; and for sure call your GI doc and let him/her know your situation. Best wishes to you and to better health.
Freese!!!!!! (Crohnie since 1984.)

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