suffering from constant throwing up

by christina couch

I have crohns. I throw up every week for the past 6 years is this why my teeth have eroded completly away?

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Suffering from constant throwing up
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

Vomiting and Crohn's disease can certainly have a negative impact on your teeth.

For example, approximately 20% of those with Crohn's disease have mouth sores and these can be quite painful. Sufferers can also get canker sores and these can be a real indicator that Crohn's is present. In fact, mouth sores are an early indicator, being present sometimes for up to a year prior to any confirmation test results on the actual gut.

Frequent vomiting may cause your saliva glands to swell and you may find that the tissues of your mouth and tongue become dry, red and sore.
Vomiting can also erode the enamel of your teeth and to make your teeth sensitive to changes of temperature.

There is a higher risk of having cavities if you have Crohn's disease and also a greater risk of yeast or bacterial infections. Abscesses and gum disease is common. Common symptoms can be that the individual has a bad taste in their mouths too.

If you are vomiting regularly, then you must go and see your doctor to ask for additional support. If you are on medication for your Crohn's, it might not be working sufficiently and a change of meds might help to stop the feelings of nausea.

Take a look at this link which will give you more information.

I hope this helps? I wish you the best of luck.


by: Anonymous

The short answer is YES! You need treatment. If you can't afford it, please go to a clinic.

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