by Jeremy

I have been stressing out for the past few months. I notice that everytime stress gets to me i start getting flare up. could stress be a cause of my flare ups?

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Stress and Crohn's Disease NEW
by: Annette


You are right to consider that stress could be relevant in how you are feeling. Stress does not cause Crohn's disease but it certainly can be responsible for making it worse. By this I mean that your symptoms can become more aggressive if you are feeling under pressure and stressed out.

No-one knows for sure whey Crohn's disease occurs but we do know that there is no cure for it yet, instead we have to learn how to manage it. In your case, it may be useful to ascertain why you are feeling stressed.

Stressors can include:

Losing your job
Changing your job
Moving house
Financial problems
Health concerns to name but a few.

When you become stressed, your stomach empties more slowly and it also increases the acid within. Stress may also speed up or slow down the flow of contents through the intestines and stress could cause changes in the actual tissues of the intestine.

Sadly, you can't always avoid stressful situations. Instead you have to learn how to manage these feelings before they overwhelm you.

Try some relaxation techniques which include deep breathing, controlling the breath and learning to let go of tension in the body. You can also try meditation techniques. They are not difficult merely take practice. If you have never tried to meditate before, use a meditation CD as this will help to ease you into it.

Exercise is good too. It doesn't have to be frantic exercise, try yoga as it is gentle but has an intense and positive effect on your body. It can help to keep you flexible and to promote healthy bowel function.

There is a lot that you can do to eliminate stress and once you have learned how to manage it, you will hopefully find that your Crohn's is less intrusive as a result.

Does anyone else feel that stress is an acute trigger for Crohn's?

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