Stress effects

by Ana

In past one year I have been through alot of stress, & now I can see it permanently wrinkles. I'm 24 year old female & I can already notice smile lines & wrinkles on my face.what should I do?

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stress effects NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,
Thanks for writing in.
I am assuming you have Crohn's and that you are feeling stressed with the disease as well as the changes to your life as a result? Unfortunately, everyone feels the negative aspects of stress on their lives and the ravages of time too, but when you are also dealing with pain or feeling generally unwell, it's tough.

Stress is one of the main causes of flare-ups in Crohn's so it is one area of your life that you really need to work on so that you can eliminate as many stressors as possible. Whether problems are financial, relationships or juggling day to day life, there are probably things that you could make significant changes to with a little thought and you may well find that just by resolving some issues, you will feel better.

Pain and stress can certainly leave its print on your skin so there are things that you can do which will help your Crohn's too. Try relaxation techniques first of all as if you can eliminate the tension in your body (and don't forget your forehead too) you can take years off yourself. Just by learning to let go. When we are tense, we frown a lot more and we hold the pain. If you can systematically go through your body and release each muscle group, you will feel a lot better.

Practice meditation too. You will be amazed at how serene you will look afterwards. There are many different types of meditation and you can experiment. Guided journeys, healing meditations, relaxation meditations etc...

Drink plenty of water and try to eat as natural a diet as possible. Keeping your body hydrated will make your skin look much better and eating well (without eating those foods that trigger off pains) will enable your body to stay healthy.

I hope this helps.

Best of luck,


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