still no answers about crohns

by terri
(lake hopatcong,nj)

had endoscope and small bowel series only thin i know is i have inflamation in stomach and esophagas,and rapid transit time with small bowel series the waiting is the worst part

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Crohn's disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank your post. I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time with Crohn's disease. It is a truly horrible disease, worse for some, than for others but it has the ability to completely change your life. It can be very aggressive, painful and debilitating and until the correct treatment is provided it may seem to be unmanageable. I hope by the time you're reading this that you have been given some help and that you know exactly what you are dealing with in terms of the health condition.

I would certainly be interested to hear how you are getting on. There is much that can be done to help you and obviously medical assistance is the best way forward. When you feel so ill, the last thing you may want to consider is your diet but it is important to ensure that you are receiving enough nutrients and sometimes, simply by choosing alternative food types-simpler, easier to digest, you can take the pressure off of your digestive tract. I am sure doctors will give you plenty of advice regarding this.

Stress can be a big factor in making the condition worse and I know it is easy to say don't get stressed, but it's true. Stress management can be a big help and it can be a case of identifying the worst offending areas of stress in your life and resolving these issues or making them less of a concern just so you can have less pressure on you.

At one time doctors felt that stress could potentially be the cause of the condition that it has now been established that stress works as a trigger and can cause aggressive flare-ups which is the last thing you want.

I'm sure you feel isolated and alone experiencing this condition but I can assure you that you are not. Many people, the world over are experiencing similar symptoms and facing surgery and although it might not seem possible at the moment, often the disease can go into remissive state and life can go back to normal and bouts between flare-ups can extend.

I sincerely hope this is possible for you in the coming weeks and months.
Best of luck,
Annette Young

still no answers about crohns NEW
by: Anonymous

Rapid transit time = intestinal failure (reversible)

The doctors should be keeping an eye on your nutrient levels and advising you to supplement accordingly.

In the interim, I suggest that you keep a patient diary, referring to the following:


Bristol Stool Scale

The comparative pain scale (no pain 0, 10 excrutiating pain)

I refer you, in particular, to the dietary information in this paper and wish you luck in your diagnosis.

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