Sore Legs

by delilah

Anyone out there with Crohns,COPD and experiencing problems with sore and swollen legs?

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Pain in legs and feet from Crohns NEW
by: Cathy

I have crohns and was diagnosed in 1968. Just about 6 years ago, I started experiencing extreme pain in my legs and feet..etc. Long story short, I was told I had neuropathy in both legs due to the disease. I manage the pain, most days with aspirin free excedrin and,at night take a RX pain pill to get through the night. I suggest that you talk to your doc and see if he cant help you get some relief. I wish you the best.

Sore legs
by: Anonymous

Hi, I get painful cartilage all over, I've had a hip resurfacing operation and my knees are really bad too. My GI doc finally prescribed me with Sulfasazaline which has cleared up 90% of the pain and has effectively stopped the arthritis. My Crohns is not as severe as some, I've been told I have a non-progressive form of Crohns that has only been recognised due to new Capsule Endoscopies and was previously put down to IBS or Candida infections. Whether this will transform into severe Crohns I don't know. I also used to get aching muscles periodically.
It's not surprising that our bodies are getting trashed with all of these antigens seeping into our bloodstreams. Sulfasazaline apparently stops this, might be worth asking your doc about it.
Hope it works for you.

by: Anonymous

When I get overtired (doesn't take much sadly) my legs are very sore and achey. But I don't get any swelling. Have you asked your doctor about it?

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