sleeping alot with crohns???

My 19 year old daughter has crohns and she is tired alot and is very hard to wake up when she is having a flair up of her crohns is this normal

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Sleeping alot with Crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post.

I hope your daughter is feeling better and that her Crohn's disease is now more under control. One of the main side-effects with Crohn's disease is that the sufferer feels absolutely exhausted, sometimes people are able to sleep as a result of this and at other times sleep can still be elusive.

The most important thing for her to do is to try to be as intuitive with her health as possible. So if she feels fatigued, she should rest as much possible and when she feels more energetic, it is important to her to exercise. Exercise can be surprisingly good for Crohn's sufferers but unfortunately the very remit of the condition can prevent exercise becoming a regular part of the sufferers life.

I would think it is very hard for young people to suffer a condition like this because it is life changing. When she feels well, no doubt she will be wanting to go out and to enjoy life with her friends but it is very important that she avoids drinking alcohol and does not smoke as these can be very painful triggers if she does.

I know quite a few people who were diagnosed with Crohn's disease quite young and they said they felt very frustrated and angry that they could not enjoy their life as they felt they should be able to. A word of caution, it is likely that your daughter will feel inwardly frustrated too but bear in mind that stress is another key trigger and so acceptance of the disease is actually quite a healthy step forward.

Do make sure that she has a healthy and nutritious diet but try to keep it simple as possible so that it is easier for her to digest. Many people with Crohn's do not have enough vitamins and minerals and research lately has indicated that vitamin d can actually quite beneficial in dealing with fatigue, so it is worth looking at this.

I have attached a link that she may find it useful about fatigue and one on vitamin D

I hope this helps. Do let us know how she gets on.

Anemia NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I've only had Crohns disease for about 6 years but I have been anemic for the past 4. It realllly drains my out. And is common with Crohn's. I would look into that.

by: MRS B. G.

I have had chrons sence 1989. SUGREY. and a lot of try me meds. I'm always tired, i'm now on three chrons meds and REMCADE. THIS diease is no joke and its a lot to cope with. the stomach pain and all that goes with it, is't all so bad. I just had a relapse in oct. 2010 and still fighting to fell myself, haven't gotten there yet. Good luck everyone.

Tiredness and excercise
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed a year ago, and like your daughter suffer terribly from constant bouts of tiredness. Excercise is important, espcially as one becomes physically very unfit during the periods when the disease is active. I had a lot of trouble with my heart going bonkers from simple movements like standing up or walking to another room. Over time I started a little excercise, building from 15 mins to half and hour and onto 45 mins. It is very important not to overdo it as it will set you back.

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and new year.

Tiredness with crohns
by: Anonymous

My daughter (16 years old) diagnosed October 09 moderate to severe crohns and had surgery ileal bowel resection January 2010. She has been on Humira painful injections since november and just of late the fatigue has set in. We are joining a gym Friday so she can exercise. To date she does NO exercise and I think that will be very beneficial.

I have to say that diet diet diet.... has an enormous effect on her physical feeling. We start each day with a yummy protein shake (not the powder stuff) egg whites, Dannon lite and fit yogurt (no fruit pieces) and silk soy milk. This is delicious and healthy for the gut. This along with a protein bar or cereal isn a great start foe them.

The tiredness is an issue that I hope we can overcome. My daughter is an overachiever in school, and has her heart set on NYU or Columbia for college. So between the stress from AP classes, yearbook editor and all the drama just being a junior in high school is very challenging for her and ME.... Sleep and good eating habits are a must!

Sleeping with the enemy, chrons!!!!

Hi i have had chrons for the past 12 years and i am sorry to say tiredness is one of the main problems dealing with this disease, i work and have two young children but i am ready for bed as early as 5pm its a joke, but you just feel so drained with keep going to the toilet etc, the best advice i can give is to try and get as much rest as you can and on good days get out in the fresh air and try and make the most of life !!!

by: Sean

I have had Crohns for over 20 years and to discuss anything as normal is hard to do. I am often times exhausted as your body isn't metabolizing your food properly. Hope she feels better

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