side effects from colonoscopy

I had a colonoscopy 3 weeks ago and have had pain and bloating and cramps since.
I have had crohns since 1994 and have had 3 colonoscopies.
I had to go to a new doctor and he wanted me to have this done as my last one was in 1994.
I have been living with crohns and feeling just fine.....BUT....since this colonoscopy I can't drink milk, eat ice cream etc.

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by: Anonymous

me too. i was feeling great until i had my colonoscopy last week. now i feel f**ked. thank you mr doctor, thank you very F**king much. bastard.

Pain after colonoscopy
by: Anonymous

I had a colonoscopy in December 2008 and until now ( June 2009 ) I still have pain. I've had a bunch of other test and bloodwork and nothing seems to be wrong. I know it was the colonoscopy and the doctor's are telling me different. I had no problems before I had it done. So much for taking precautions.

by: Folkars Girl

Hopefully by now you are feeling better. I also had a colonoscopy in October 2007 and it took until January 2008 to actually feel better. Unfortunately I had to be on prednisone 2 times to get better. I was really mad because I was symptom free up until the colonscopy.

Side Effects from Colonoscopy
by: Chris

Hi i've just recently had Colonoscopy and I to have pain afterwards I also had one in january and had pain after that it lasted about 5 weeks hope yours settles down soon.


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