sexually active with crohns

my boyfriend just found out last year he has crohns. weve been together for almost 2 years and weve been talking about getting sexually active. i really want to do it, but im afraid something might go wrong & that i might hurt him. can someone please fill me in on this? and also give me tips on what i should & should not do.

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sexually active with crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,
Thanks for the question.
Those with Crohn's can still enjoy a varied and active sex life mostly but there are always exceptions to the rule.

For example, if someone is on steroids, this can impact their sex drive in a negative way but these days fortunately, doctors tend to avoid prescribing steroids for long periods of time.

One of the biggest problems to encounter is fatigue. Who wants to be bothered when you feel so exhausted? Similarly, if you are doubled over with abdominal pain or having to constantly run to the loo, then sex might not be at the top of the 'must have' list. It makes sense.

Crohn's is quite a secretive disease. Many people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about it and it can affect their self-esteem or confidence. There are others who suffer with severe depression as a result of it too. Passionate sexual encounters often occur when the individual feels sexy and so it is understandable that anyone with a bad bout of crohn's might not feel so desirable at that moment in time.

Usually though, sex can be as fulfilling and as intimate for a Crohn's sufferer as it can for any other person.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


by: Anonymous

Have sex and lots of it. If he's not suffering from fatigue and you are both in the mood have fun. CD don't mean life stops. Now if he has had surgery talk to his doc. Being a man he prob wont ask. New stiches... wait. Otherwise his life is gonna be difficult enough without taking yet another thing from him. BTW Your a good women for caring so much. WE should all be so lucky

Sex and Crohn's
by: Anonymous

I have Crohn's. beleive me when I say that your partner will let you know when he/she is up to having sex and when they are not. I have good days and bad days and I am very clear with my wife about it. Communication is the key.

relax he'll be fine
by: Anonymous

just be careful how you move. make sure HE can handle it mostly, because it's his lower body that is being moved around and that's where the crohns is. be soft when he's having a flare up, slow down at those times, but otherwise he'll be perfectly fine if he's not sick at the moment. Had crohns for over 15 years and I'm getting married in two weeks =) life goes on so go for it.

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