Serving a guest with Chrone's

by Kit

A man with Chrohn's disease will be attending our annual Christmas Eve dinner, and I'm looking for ideas for how to feed him within the traditional meal.

The annual meal consists of an Irish soup made from smoked salmon, bacon, potatoes and heavy cream.

Salad and a good bread round off the soup. Christmas cookies are usually served afterwards with coffee or tea.

I was thinking of including a couple of cooked vegetable dishes such as steamed broccoli with some sort of sauce and an Indian dish made of wilted spinach, peas and tofu in place of the Indian paneer cheese.

I have been putting together Christmas stockings, and learned that chocolate and fresh oranges won't work for Jason. Anyone have suggestions for treats I could put into his stocking that wouldn't be irritating to his system?

I will appreciate any and all suggestions for how I can make Jason feel comfortable and fed properly.

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Help for Crohn's
by: Anonymous

I'm a mature Crohn's sufferer, and love desserts.
The few ones that I eat are as follows:

Rice pudding with 1/2 & 1/2 cream, and coconut
flakes 1/4 cup mixed in, with 1/2 tspn lemon
zest, and instead of sugar put 1/3 cup honey.
Add 1/4 cup black raisins. 1 tbspn butter.
Add one egg and stir well before boiling.
You will all enjoy this recipe.
This is an extremely tasty dish!

Squash with honey, butter, and nutmeg, some
cinnamon, mixed well.

Frozen mixed berries, mixed in a bowl with
3% Finicia Yogurt, and some honey. Leave
for 1/2 day in the fridge. Mix again, and
the yogurt absorbs the colours and the great
berry flavours. So delicious, better than
ice cream.

I hope they'll like the above.

Crohn's patient since 1973
by: Jennie

do not feed him salad. Cookies might work or just some pretzels. I eat nuts but that doesn't work for all Crohn's patients. Jennie

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