by jodi

hi to all,
ive just been reading about sedacrohn on the medication part of this site.i was wondering if anyone has tried this who have had an sounds to good to be true.thanks for any info

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by: frank

Where can I find out about sedachron and where can I purchase it.

by: Rolf

Hi Chris, when you say you take 3x270mg, you just take the "powdered" plant and not sedacrohn, correct? And the Crohn disappeared.?? Sounds very interesting!

by: chris

I've been taking Wormwood, the main ingredient of Sedacrohn, 270 mg 3 times a day, and I experienced a full remission.

by: Crohn's Guy

I found SedaCrohn about 2 years ago when I was in the height of my disease. I ordered a case of it and began the recommended dosage. Within 1 month, my symptoms had all but disappeared. The entire time, I shared with my GI doctor what I was trying. He was amazed that it was taking away my symptoms. He asked me to bring him the bottle so he could see what it was, and when I showed it to him, he told me he had another patient who took the same stuff and reported the same results. He told me he could not recommend it, but he wouldn't disagree with it either if it was working. He said probiotics were the hot new ticket in treating Crohns and not enough studies had been done to admit them into the medical field. I have since had 5 feet of my small intestine removed and quit taking the SedaCrohn after my surgery. I only take Immodium AD 4 pills every two days. Nothing more.

by: yizz

I have experience with it and it helps a lot. After a couple of weeks improvements set it until after a month my symptoms had gone away. I suffered from a moderate form of the disease. I kept taking it for several months in a row. It has been two or three years now and I had only one very mild flare up since then, which also went away quickly. I experienced no side effects and perhaps SedaCrohn helped a bit with stress as well. In any case I am glad I found it.

Crohns remedies
by: Michael

I am going to give seda crohn a try. I am always looking foor ways to stay in remission. Steroids are nasty. I had good luck with remecade for several years until I had some lupis like drug induced symptoms.

I have had Crohns foy many years and been in remission for the last 4 years straight. I also use Probiotics with a dose of 5 billion per day, I use enteric coated fish oil 1,000 mg day, L-Glutamine is an amino acid that heals the lining.

by: Maz


My husband was diagnosed 3 years ago and just recovering from Ilestomy also, I am always trailing internest sites for advice and help. I have read about this also and cant believe no one has any comments to make on this product. It does seem an amazing potion, whatever is in this product cant be any worse than taking steroids. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

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