sedacrohn supplement for crohns

by Carol McGregor
(Brisbane. Aust.)

Hi my name is carol and my daughter has recently been diagnosed with Crohns. My nephew also has the disease. Has anyone tried the above supplement, and if so is it of any benefit.

My daughter also has the arthritis as part of the disease, and her colon is affected and also a very small part of the stomach.

Has anyone in the forum got a similar problem and how do you manage it? What foods and beverage seem to make it worse?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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by: Brian

Hi Carol
Sorry to hear your daughter has Crohn's. My son was diagnosed with the condition two and half years ago as a 14 year old.
We have used Sedacrohn on three occasions. My son's condition flared at Christmas, despite use of 6mp and flagyl. Hospital put him on exclusive enteral nutrition.Despite all this condition plateaued and unable to eliminate all symptoms and CRP remained at about 20.
Put him on Sedacrohn, condition dramatically improved within one week with full remission of symptoms. This is the second time we have had a great result with this product. The science is good as to it's efficacy with two good published reports in the journal Phytomedicine.It's not a curebut it's probably the best of the herbal treatments.
Feel free to leave more comments as i have studied this condition extensively and will help where i can
Regards Brian

by: connie

Where can I purchase Seda Chron supplement.

by: Barbara

I have had Crohn's since my twenties (am now
65) in all that time I have been looking for a
natural way to fight it. I think I have finally
found two different ways to do that.

What seems to be working really well for me
is taking Seda=Crohn and an herb? called Kudzu.
I'm not sure which one is helping, maybe both
but it's made a radical difference in my life
as far as running to the bathroom. As I said
I've been looking all my life and these really
seem to work. Can't hurt to try them as far
as I know they are perfectly safe.

Negative on the fiber
by: Wrong!

The last thing you want with crohns is a high fiber diet dude. Crohns + fiber = bad things and pain. When the inflammation narrows the intestine, you really want fiber dragging it's way through? Clearly not, and it in fact can hurt you.
Food and drink that make things worse vary between individuals. Generally spicy or potent flavoring of any kind can trigger a flareup. Highly acidic things can hurt too. Say orange juice with pulp, that's a double whammy.. acidic and fiber.
Nothing has hurt me drink wise that I am aware of. Peppermint tea supposedly sooths the digestive tract, I tried it during a nasty flareup last winter and that seemed to help.
Best advice I can give is to avoid everything coffee, and avoid caffeine as much as possible.

by: tom charlton

hi my name is tom i can only try to answer your question as my wife has suffered a lot with crohns you dont mention if your daughter or nephew have a colostomy bag if so a high fibre diet should be good for them and isotonic drinks as they contain high levels ofprotiens what sportsmen drink my wife has lost her colon and nearly all her small bowel she has 18 centimetres left she also lost a kidney in this last operation she keeps dehidrating and lost a lot of weight she in hospital now on drips to stop it . i wish your daughter and nephew all the very best also you as it effects the whole family tom .

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