Seda Crohn and Kudzu for Crohn's

by B.P.

As I said on another posting have had Crohn's for
more than forty years. I was lucky enough to find
a doctor who put me on opiates so I was able to
lead a normal life. Unfortunately he is retiring
so for the past couple of years I've tried everything
under the sun in natural products (I won't use steroids). I believe I've finally come up with two
products that work (at least for me). They're fairly
inexpensive and I'm not sure which one is doing the
job so I"m taking both of them. I have been on them
for only a month so I don't want to make any miracle
claims, but they really seem to be working. The
products are Seda-Crohn and an herb (I think) called
Kudzu. I had read about them and they are said to be
totally safe so I urge all you suffering with Crohn's
to at least give them a try. Good luck to you all
this is a terrible thing to have to live with.

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