Salofolk enema

by Four leaf Clover

I have mild Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed when I was 13 years old. I am now 32 years old and have seen a lot of things change over the last 20 years. I have been symptom free for the last 4 years and am now experiencing an flair up for last 3 months. The Dr. has recommended Salofolk enema's for 4 weeks due to where my disease is "large intestine" close to the anal cavity. If anyone has taken Salofolk you can understand my frustration when I say I am not looking forward to this 4 week regime once again. In the past I have never followed through to the whole four weeks. My question goes out to anyone who has taken Salofolk enema's as I would love to hear your success with this treatment. My husband and I are looking at trying for a baby and as you can well imagine this treatment is not a ideal situation to set the stage for the evening. If I knew it would be successful in the end it may help me follow through with the recommended 4 weeks.

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Salofalk side effects? NEW
by: Fran

Hello...I am wondering if anybody has experienced the side effects listed for the salofalk enima? I have experienced inflamation (anal), fever, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite.

I was diagnosed with Crohne's back in 1990, and have been extremely lucky (knock on wood) in that I have not had any noticeable flare ups since then. My GI prescribed Salofalk enima because she found some inflamation at the end of the colon. She wanted to combine this topical medication along with pentasa. But I ended up in emerg trying to figure out why I was in so much pain and I'm suspicious of the Salofalk. I stopped taking it (my GI advised to stop)...any other folks react to it like this...?

Colitis sufferer
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have ulcerative colitis and I have about 80 enemas at the moment. The enemas haven't been very successful. The only change I have seen is the amount of blood in my stool lowered. I still have abdominal pain and mucus in stool. This isn't to say it won't be effective for you. Make sure you stick to a low fibre diet. Good luck!

colitis symptoms
by: Anonymous

Hi I have had proctitis while pregnant as well as colitis. I used the suppositories while pregnant and they worked then after giving birth got colitis. I cleansed with an all juice and veggie diet and figured out I am allergic to soy now which is causing the problem. I did have a prescription for the enema but decided to try to figure it out on my own before using it. Just want to suggest an elimination diet as well as eating a non combining food diet it worked wonders for me with no medication.

hi, good luck
by: Bernard

hi, i have ulcerative colitis. Salofalk enemas have helped me. My difficulty was getting to retain the liquid in due to toilet trips. I have had success with this, it works a whole lot better on an empty stomach and when u don't eat for 4,5,6,7 hours afterwards, otherwise in my experience, much less efficient.
gl with it all.

by: Anonymous


I am 26 and have Crohns Disease, have suffered for about 5 years and only found out i had crohns about 2 months ago,Ihad the works bleeding pain the whole 9 yards nothing would help. Istartee Salofolk enemas 4 months ago and i have a much better life my partner is so good about it and i have to do it every night till the end of time so go for it 4 weeks is no bother and the doctor told me that i can not do it one or two days so i pick a night at the weekend that i dont do it and do something nice with my partner. I hope this helps you . hood luck x

Salofalk enema
by: Anonymous

Hi, I wanted to comment as I have Ulcerative Colitis and have just started using Salofalk enemas. I am also 6 weeks pregnant and have read up on IBD and pregnancy and there seems to be universal agreement that the most important thing when pregnant or trying for a baby is to be as well as possible. I hate taking the medications while pregnant but apparently being ill is more harm to the baby than the meds. If you have a problem using them at bedtime, maybe you could use them at another time of day occasionally - as long as you can lie down for 30 minutes after and retain it for as long as possible you should be ok. Hope this helps and good luck!

by: Anonymous


Salofalk Enema
by: Anonymous

"Salofalk taken orally or otherwise known as 5ASA only a small amount is released into the the affected area so orally it take a long time to take effect (average about 4 months)"

Is that true, the oral tablets can take about 4 months to see solid results?????


Saloflak Enema
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I have been diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis and I had constant bleeding with mucous and terrible stomach pains all the time. I was perscribed the salofalk enema and have been pain free for the last 2 months. I'm pretty happy with it.

salofalk enema
by: Anonymous

It works. Plain and simple. Salofalk taken orally or otherwise known as 5ASA only a small amount is released into the the affected area so orally it take a long time to take effect (average about 4 months). The enema will take effect alot faster. Like the person commented above, your health is more important than anything else. If you dont have your health, guess what, you dont have anything. Your husband will be understanding and you need to talk to him and be open with him. My wife and I are. At least try it for one to two weeks and you should notice a big difference. The other option is Prednisone (a steroid drug that has some side effects) however it is very effective. You dont want to go that route though, because in the end it is a steroid. Good luck!

Ulcerative colitus verses salofalk enemas
by: Anonymous

I have been on saloflk tablest 500mg, 2 tabs four times a day, and a 4 g enema at night. I started with the tablets only at first for about 3 weeks, saw little or no improvement in my condition, then I decided to try the enema which I dreaded, the morning after I took the first enema I had a little bleeding, and now it has been four weeks and I only had a small amount of bleeding once.
I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitus in my sigmoid, I had been bleeding moderate amounts at least 6 times a day before I started the enema so all I have is good to day about them.
I was told by my doctor to finish the box I presently have which would bring me up to using 21 enemas and then try without them to see what happens, I have been sent to various doctors in our area and have had 3 colonos in to years because of the bleeding that lasts for months at a time, so if the enemas are going to relieve this condition I will continue the process as long as the Dr. perscribes.

salofolk anema
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I recommend you to be open for all the treatment which your doctor recommended. I know it's not a fun treatment, but just set your mind on 4 weeks and try it. I'm sure your husband wish your health more than a baby. I've used the anema many times, and once you get used to it, it's not that bad. Of course, there is no magic pill for crohns & colitis. While I'm on the anema, normally I cannot tell if it's helping. No matter what I take, it seem to me my flare-up comes and goes. Although, everybody responds to every treatment differently and I don't want you to not to try, just because it is not the atractive thing to do. I believe that following the treatment keeps my condition under control. Good Luck...

by: Anonymous

I would never use this type of treatment even I know that I would die! When I was 17 first I had the symptoms. My first diagnosis was ulcerative colitis. After using salofalk for 3 or 4 months my colonoscopy was totally clean. Then I quit treatment. Now I'm 27 and my symptoms started again about 2 months ago. Now the diagnosis is crohn's. I have it only in my large intestine and it is close to the anal cavity like yours. My doctor gave me the enema with the Selofalk 500. I just saw the enema and I decided to treat myself with natural medicines. This is not a success story like you want but I just wanted to share my psychological reaction to this type of treatment. If there is no cure or riddance of this disease, there is no need to use this type of treatment. This is my only thought about the Salofalk Enema. I decided to take only Salofalk 500 and I put the enema away from me. I would prefer die instead of using that medicine.

by: Anonymous

i am in the same boat as you. i was first supposed to take them for three months!!! lasted about a day. anyways...2 years later i guess they have become more reasonable and i too am at 4 weeks. my motivation is the fear of it becoming worse because it was and will if you dont continue. sorry i dont have any success stories but good luck to you!

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