Revellex for Crohn's Disease

by Karen Janse van Rensburg
(Hartenbos, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa)

I have been told by my Gastroenterologist that Revellex is the only medication that will do me good.
I have been diagnosed with Crohn's in 2004 althought my problem already started in 2002 when I developed 2 fistulae on both sides of the anus and 1 in the vagina. The doctors in Gauteng, South Africa, diagnosed me at that time as "Alservative Colitus" and twice I had to get a Colostomy to try and close the fistulae. Each time I had to carry this BAG for 6 months which was not only an embarresment for me, as I have 2 children who at that time was 3 and 8 and as you know asked alot of questions that was difficult to answer at their age. In 2004 we relocated to Hartenbos, Mossel Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa and I was referred to a Surgeon who then diagnosed me with Crohn's and also informed me that in only extreme cases a person with crohn's should be operated on and that trying to close the fistals with operations will not work. He then referred me to my Doctor who is a Gastroenterologist. Since 2002 I have been on Asacol Tablets first on 400mg 4 tablets a day and since last year 800mg 3 tablets a day. Every now and then I am on cortosone starting at 40mg a day, working it down. The last month I have been on Entocort tablets, asacol, Tramaset pain tablets, tripeline 25mg and Coxflam and inbetween Tramaul injections for severe pain. I have been in hospital 4 times since 17 Dec 2010. Twice for 3 days and twice for 7 days. Twice I had blood transfusions 2 and 4 pints, due to upflames and bloodloss. You can just imagine what hospital, doctors etc. costs occurred. Now my medical aid, Spectramed, humms and ha's over the cost of revellex infusions, which can enhance my life style and my relationship with my children now 13 and 16 as well as my work. My doctor as well as Revellex in South Africa has written motivations to the medical aid in the beginning of February 2011 and upto date we have had no answers. Apparently the Board sits every 2 or 4 weeks. What a laughter! Looks like they cannot see an emergency even if they are paying all the unneccesary costs.
I've noticed on a couple of websites that governments in other countries assist with free medication and support, but not in South Africa. You must have AIDS / HIV, then everyone jumps and they get VIP treatment. I don't understand this. Maybe someone out there have an answer for me. I also want to mention that with the fistulae I have leakage which irritates the skin, sometimes blood red, and according to the doctor, revellex will be able to close up the fistulae. Is there anyone who had this condition and something that helped?

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Revellex infusions for crohns disease
by: Vincent

My wife has been treated for 9 years for crohns disease. Whilst numerous scopes have been done over the years they all show that there is no flame up of the ulcers ( since she started her medication and diet change) .
She does however live with all the symptoms of this terrible disease ( severe weight loss; severe cramps & bloating; constipation followed by diarrhea etc.)
We have been encouraged by a friend to look at Revellex Infusion Treatment.
We are not sure if this treatment is effective if she does not have the inflamed ulcers present? Will this treatment address the symptoms?
We have also heard that there can be risks and side effects? If this treatment is found not to be suitable for my wife ( side effects or no improvement etc ) after 1 or 2 infusion treatments can she just stop or is it one of those cases that once you go down that road you have continue?
Many thanks for any views you can offer

Revellex treatment - Ulcerative Colitis
by: Praneel Garach

Hi Karen

Came accross your post, whilst trying to gain an unstanding of Revellex.

My wife has Ulcerative Colitis. She was on Asacol and Azathioprine. Both medications did not help.
Azathioprine caused her to have a drug induced jaundice and was taken off it immediately.
She was hospitalised recently and spent 3 weeks.

The gastroenterologist now recommended Revellex, hence trying what Revellex is.

Discovery does not cover the costs, you have to be on Discovery Comprehensie for the cost to be covered, and they cover 80% of the cost, the remaining 20% is co-payment, which the member has to pay.

I can't understand why Revellex is covered only at Comprehensive level. Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis are chronic conditions and medication needs to be covered at all levels.

Praneel Garach
garach81 @

by: jenny dickerson

I have had crohns since 1993. Have had numerous ops. Have permanent iliostomy and short bowel. I had many fistulas, vaginal, rectal and though the abdominak wall. Have been on revellex for a couple of years now, and although I am not "well", it has definatally given me a better quality of life and been fistula free. As with all drugs, there are side effects after long term use, so my gastrointeroligist and I have decided to give it a break for a while. I take codiene phosphate every 4 hours to slow down transit time of digestion and allow more absorbtion, and purinethol at night to suppress the immune system. Befor i went on the revellex i was constantly having fistulas, so dont give up motivating.

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