Relief or remission from Crohns

by carmen

Can anyone on this site post a positive message to us, on how we may get relief, or remission.?

It would be so possible to get a handle of this meserable illnes to stop the chronic diarrhea etc.



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I've found a lot of relief from... NEW
by: Anonymous

Living from bathroom to bathroom used to be normal for me. And there are still days or periods of time when the crohn's is one up on me! But I found a LOT of relief by changing a few things

1. I spent a week keeping a detailed food diary, complete with timing and combinations of food and drink (you're probably supposed to keep track for longer, but about a week was all I could maintain.)

What I found surprised me! Yeah Yeah, I've known for decades that things like corn chips, coleslaw and fried foods would stir things up. But I was shocked to find out that I cannot tolerate chicken (!?) and fake sweeteners also keep me running. Since I cut these particular things out of my diet, things have been closer to normal.

But CLOSER isn't my personal goal. So I've been taking some non-traditional steps toward better health.

Let me preface this part by saying I see my doctor regularly and do take traditional medicines for the crohn's. But I ALSO...

2. have made our household a non-toxic zone by systematically replacing commercial "cleaners" etc with simpler, natural cleaning supplies. I originally did this because of my asthma but found out that it also has helped tremendously with my jumpy gut! I'm a city girl and not very "crunchy", but I've learned a lot from reading homesteading blogs.

3. I've been cutting wheat/gluten out of my diet. I didn't really believe this would do much, but decided to give it a half-hearted try. And guess what! I feel better. My stomach is calmer. AND when I cheat and eat something like wheat flour toast, I pay for it later in the day, or the next day! Try cutting back on glutens and see if it helps. My personal goal is to finally eat only completely gluten-free foods.

Don't knock yourself out making drastic changes all at once. Give things a little try as your energy permits and then as you figure things out go a little further.

This has so drastically helped with calming down my stomach, and the pain, and my general well-being that I have substantial chunks of time to get things done and enjoy my day.

This isn't magic. I still have crohn's. I still know where every bathroom is just in case. And I still have times when I'm knocked down. But these simple things have given me a much better quality of life!

I hope these odd things help.

Relief or remission from Crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,
I know it must seem all doom and gloom when you read through the forum because there are so many frightened people writing in and all are trying to make sense of this disease. But yes, absolutely there is life after Crohn's and it is important to get a positive message out there too so, it is a case of accepting it and learning how to manage it.

As you probably know, there is no known cure or at the moment for Crohn's disease and so it is down to the individual along with medical support to discover the best way to live, eliminating as many flare-ups as possible.

I have to say that relaxation techniques are fantastic for Crohn's sufferers, and needn't cost you a penny. There are lots of free sessions on and some wonderful relaxation music too. These can be a good starting point.

There are some fantastic CDs out there with guided journeys which, if you are not used to meditating can really help but the ethos is to learn how to quieten the mind and to completely relax the body. This is a complete positive approach and you may find that you start feeling so much better.

I'm not trying to say is that it is a cure, but I know that it can help on a day to day basis. Stress was once considered to be the main cause of Crohn's disease, but research has now eliminated it as a cause but has confirmed that it can make the condition worse, and you may have experienced that already.

But it's not just stress that can make things worse with Crohn's unfortunately, you have to look at everything that you do in life, to find out the little things that are causing you the main problems.

If you are having diarrhea regularly, do start by focusing on your diet just in case there is something that you are eating that is making the system flareup. It could be as simple as eating spicy foods or drinking soda drinks. It is a process of elimination. When you have diarrhea a lot, it is easy to lose out on some valuable nutrients because they are not being absorbed, so you may need to take some supplements.

Do go back to your doctor though if your symptoms start getting worse or any medication does not work.

Keep hope in your mind, because suddenly and without warning the disease may go into remission giving you a much-needed respite period. Some people do not suffer with any symptoms for years.
I hope this helps.


Crohn's disease NEW
by: Anonymous

guys, for immediate results try coconut water (2-3 times a day)or virgin coconut oil(1 tbsp after meal)...It really helps..Coconut is very very good for crohns...I have it for 3 years but I take coconut water regularly and am very satisfied with the result..the results are immediate...

here is a thread where I contributed MY name is Rohit ..Also check posts by Daisy

Practical things that help me live with CD NEW
by: Loving my Life - even with CD

1. Get plenty of rest. Even if you�re having trouble sleeping, you can de-stress and rest your body and mind. My favorite destressor is to listen or watch comedy. Laughter relaxes me. Also, prayer and/or meditation.

2. Be careful what and when you eat. I am a rebellious sort when it comes to doing and eating what I want. But really, I'm happiest overall when I avoid the foods that distress my digestive tract. Limit or cut out the things that you know make things worse. For instance, I limit my meat intake, drink alcohol infrequently and in moderation (and always with food), and don't indulge in one of my favorites treats; popcorn. (Wah!)

3. Keep a dietary journal, with times of day and exactly what you've eaten, along with ingredients if you know them. You might be surprised what causes you pain, to blow up, or keeps you up all night running to the bathroom! Among the things that surprised me were chicken (there is a specific protein in chicken that I cannot tolerate) and diet sweeteners. I was blaming soda, and found it was only diet soda that keeps me trotting! Of course, I almost never drink soda, anyway! But when I do, it�s non-diet.

4. Forget the guilt. I am the type of person that multitasks as a way of life. I feel my most vital when there are several things going on at once. BUT sometimes, I can't do anything but sit on the couch, or in bed, and play computer games. And I feel so guilty! This is part of my limitations. CD patients tend to need more rest/sleep than "normally healthy� people. So let go of the guilt from not accomplishing anything every once in awhile.

5. Spread the word to your friends and family about Crohn's Disease! Give them a heads up when pain, or exhaustion, is causing you to be less patient than usual, or making it hard to jump in the car and go out to dinner tonight. True friends and loving family will understand if you let them in on it (you do't have to describe alll the down and dirty facts!).

6. Take all your medicine, every day, every time. I STINK at this!!!! So, I found zip-loc type plastic medicine bags at the pharmacy. They're about 2 inches by 2 inches. Once a month, I get out some muffin tins and count out 30 days worth of morning and evening meds. I take 10 pills together in the morning and 5 pills together in the afternoon. Once they're all assembled, it's very easy to be religious about taking your meds! The things I have to take separately, or are over-sized, I keep in a snack-sized ziploc, ready to be dipped into as needed. And carry an AM and a PM in your bag or pocket every time you leave home, so you have them with you to take immediately when you remember!

Forgive yourself. There are sooo many times that being distracted by pain or fatigue has led me to make less-than-perfect snap-decisions. I can get pretty down on myself, so I make a point of forgiving myself, and (hopefully) doing better next time!

Hope this is helpful to someone out there!

Physiological. not Personality NEW
by: Enjoying my life

I am online searching out Ajwain, and Bing'd Ajwain and Crohn's Disease.

One of the responses to Carmen's request for positive things to say is distressing. Crohn's Disease is NOT caused by personality! This is putting the blame on the person, and not on the simple fact of life - some of us have bodies that have been affected by CD. Stress, worrying, not enough rest, over extending, etc CAN exacerbate Crohn's symptoms, is they can anyone with a disease.

I am currently 57 years old and have had CD all my life, with 20 years of mis-diagnoses, and now fully diagnosed, treating it, and living my life. I travel the world, play with my grandchildren, make love to my husband, go out with my girlfriends, and enjoy my days and evenings. Frequently, I have a tough night, staying up for hours with an argumentative tummy. Sometimes, I get knocked into bed for a day or two, but then I'm back up. Sometimes, i am knocked into the hospital. Then I'm back up! Occasionally, I might indulge in a moment of self-pity. Then it's over!

What helps me the most is not letting the disease define me. I am who I am, and I happen to have CD. Crohn's might trip me up sometimes, but it does not defeat me!

Be positive
by: Anonymous

Hello Carman
I was diagnosed 15 years and was pretty bad
At the beginning with life revolving around the
Toilet and steroids.
I now have three sons and having the children
Has made a huge difference.
I really think it's to do with our personality
And being worriers and having stress which
We don't realize.
You can change it but it's to with changing
The lifestyle that we lead. I was lucky to move to a different
Country and then have my children therefore my
Focus changed.
Other things that have helped are: ajwain ( an Indian
Herb which you take with water . Really helps
With stomach cramps, bloating and no side effects)
Also a good honey in warm water first thing in the
Morning again no side effects.
I have had years of no medication and self
Medicate with Asacol.

by: Anonymous

Try Cannabis... it sounds ridiculous to some, but it works. Try it during a bowel movement and then don't on the next one, notice the difference... It may not work the first few times, if you have never used it before, because your body will need to recognize it, but it will work. Also, try really salty stuff for nausea.. I like the salty regular potatoe chips, but you'll need to eat a quarter to half the bag and the cannabis will work for pain, diarrhea, nausea, appetite, fatigue, etc., where as the salt will only help nausea. -Crohn's for 11 years

by: Em

Hi Carmen:
I want to encourage you and anyone reading this blog . Try Immunocal !!!!!! I know you hear this , you hear that , and you don't know what to believe. I'm telling you and everyone out there , try it !!!! Not one person I know has had the same exact symptoms from taking it, but so far they r getting the same results.Some respond quicker than others , but the same result. Successful treatment !!!
After seeing what ImmunocalChad done ,I did some research. Immunocal was created by some of the most prominent scientists, doctors in the world(Nobel Prize). It is FDA approved , has a ton of patents. It is listed in the Medical prescription books for Canada & USA. Medicare& Medicaid do pay for it under certain conditions. Every State has it's protocol . ( I know in Nevada it's paid for. California you have to have a feeding tube ). Some private insurance companies
do pay , or reimburse . I get my immunocal from the person who has changed my life and other for the better. I personally take the platinum, but you should find out what's best for you. I hope this helps .
Go to

It is not always that bad :)
by: Vanessa

Hello Carmen
I am 30 years old and I have the CD since I was 17. Yes, it is true that it is hard but trust me, it is not always that bad. It is a horrible disease but there are still super happy moments. I know that it is not easy b but you have to accept it, accept that it is part of your life. Some days I do not feel good but others I feel great and I enjoy those days like crazy. I
Good luck :)

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