Relationship with Candida albicans?

by allmymarbles
(New Jersey)

Has anyone proceeded on the assumption that Crohn"s Disease (and IBD and colitis) involved proliferation of Candida albicans? In this regard has anyone used Lugol's solution or oil of oregano to cure or improve the condition?

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Relationship with Candida albicans? NEW
by: Lydia D.

I have never heard of Candida albicans occurring naturally with inflammatory bowel disease. It appears to be propaganda from a natural medicine unit. If they had done their homework properly, they would have discovered that IBD is on the increase worldwide. This is due to the decrease in killer infectious diseases which are being effectively fought through basic hygiene measures with some supporting medication. Thus, those children with the weaker immune systems which would have died prior to their fifth year are now surviving. This brings with it a greater global incidence of all immune diseases.

That said, many Crohn's patients end up with C. albicans at some time due to immunosuppression therapy. Look up your medication side-effects and interactions here:,

I had to have antibiotic therapy for an abdominal infection for over 7 months and I turned into a walking Candida factory. That was nasty.

The best thing to do with Candida is to do what the doctor suggests and discuss the following with him:

1) Cut out all sugar and sugar substitutes including: cola and sodas (including lite), honey, sweets, syrups, chocolate, sugar in other drinks such as alcohol, fruit (increase vegetables to compensate), chewing gum, etc.,

2) Include a probiotic plain yoghurt in your diet (the probiotic drinks and flavoured yoghurts are full of sugar),

3) Natural remedies - phytopharmaceuticals, as per your suggestions, may be worth trying. However, if you are taking immunosuppressants (steroids, cytostatics or anti-TNF alpha biological agents), you might need stronger pharmaceuticals that your doctor will suggest.

4) Supplementation with zinc to strengthen the immune system (check blood levels first),

5) Multivitamin tablet daily if diet bad (remove when diet is healthy),

6) Foods high in nutrition - no fast food or convenience tins or packets - make everything from scratch. Good old home cooking.

Please do not just take something on the suggestion of some stranger on-line and ensure that you discuss all treatments (natural or otherwise) with your doctor.

Please research into each substance and do not take multiple supplements, but introduce them one at a time and keep a food/mood/symptom/medication/supplement diary to track if something is working.

If your diet is high sugar - just making the required dietary changes may be all that is required to keep it under control.

Please do not try colloidal silver - it is poisonous and will turn you silver blue-black in the long-term.

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