Re: Help for this hellish disease UPDATE 2009

by Amanda

Hi Everyone,
Its Amanda. I wanted to update those who have left messages for me on my original post, dated 2008.

Since then, I started Remicade. IT SAVED MY LIFE. My first infusion was April 2008, and I have been in remission ever since. 2 weeks ago, I had surgery to have a port a cath put in my chest. My veins were so shot from needle sticks, IV etc, so now I have a permanant IV in my chest...soooo much easier for me!

I have my life back again. I am able to do all the normal things with my family, without pain, and without having side effects from all the previous medications I was on for so many years. I am approaching 7 years now of having Crohn's, and I have met some great people along the way who suffer with it, as well as me. I hope to be able to help some, and share my experiances with this disease, and offer some kind of learning to you.

Remicade is what my husband and I call "the miracle drug". I do feel a little sick after the infusion (every 4 wks), but the next day, I am bright, sunny and full of energy. I havent experianced any awful side effects from it. I am just grateful that our insurnace covers it 100%, and I am able to have it every 4 weeks. Usually you go to 8 weeks, but I recently was diagnosed with CID (chronic inflammatory disease), so my body needs the Remicade every 4 weeks now. I dont care, it works!!!!! Any questions or comments, please leave a comment or feel free to email me at Together, we can help!!!!

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