Qualifying for social security disibility with crohns

by charlotte

I have never read this site before, even though I have
lived with crohns for 30 years. I am 74 years old now, I had to have my colon and part of my intestine removed two years ago. I was 62 and still working when it became impossible to continue because of the pain and getting up all night. I feel fortunate that I was approved for social security disibility when so many others havn't been. I just read a post from someone who was not able to work but was denied . I felt their desperation and utter dispair. Crohns has to be recognized for what it does to your body, not just the
colon and intestines but the joints and lack of energy that goes with it. There are people living with crohns who are unable to work and social security has to be made aware of this.

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