by Danielle

I also have not had Humera but from what ive heard its not a great drug, steroids may have side effects but at the same time they are worth all of weight gain in the world I think steroids saved me from surgery and I would reccomend them to Crohnes sufferers any day

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Newly diagnosed
by: BW

Hi , have just been diagnosed with crohns.(after 15 yrs!!) And have been put on prednisone 20 mg a day . Could not take Mesalamine due to reaction . Any one had side effects with Meslamine? Also heard so much negativity on Prednisone- am worried. Weight gain, infection and weaning off..Any view and help would be welcome

bad expericence with humira
by: Anonymous

i have been on humira since 7/09. it is like being on steroids all the time. rapid heart beat, sleepless nights, headache. i am not taking it as of writing. bad experience. anyone else had these side effects?

by: Danielle

Hi Danielle
I am Danielle too. I just turned 20 this year.
I live in Sydney Australia. I am on Humira but the only real side effect I seem to be getting is that my immune system is sooooooo low!
Since being on Humira I have been in hospital twice, both for the reason of having a virus. I don't rave about predisone though, but I have been on it for so long and it never seem to work, I am back on it now, hopefully it will help me.
If you would like to chat my email is thanks

by: Anonymous

Hi... I have been on Humira for 6 months with No side effects and i feel great. Finally after 22 years of surgeries and feeling like crap, it was nice to have a diagnosis finally and for once to feel like a normal person. I was beginning to look like a hypochondriac with the doctor's. =)

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